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  1. anybody have any good stories to tell about their parents finding your weed or you telling them that you smoke? or even you finding out they smoke? I haven't told my mom and she hasn't caught me but I think she might know I do it.
  2. Ok, my story goes like this. One time i hid weed behind my dresser and i forgot about it then one day my mom goes in my room and sees it and she goes what is this? And i said nothing and she just took it. Idk what she did with it but nothing happened.
    One time my dad found this plastic water bottle bong i had made and he took it and smashed it against my head. It wasnt bad. But it was a bad situation at the time. Funny now though.
    They have caught me so much that now they just dont care. But I havent smoked in so long though that they think i have quit it
  3. My mom used to raid my room all the time. Fuckin bitch.
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  4. One time I was mid bong rip when my mom opened my bedroom door to tell me she was going to bed...
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  5. Never been caught and my parents know, not to the full extent of my growing exploits though.

    The summer I graduated high school I was smoking pipe tobacco in a wooden pipe on my back porch and my dad comes home with my grandma and aunt.
    He comes out the back door and says " what you smoking? Is that what I think it is?"
    I reply "no just tobacco "
    And he replies " oh ok, well you smell like your uncle, and your aunt and grandma are here"

    Pretty funny because he seriously thought it was bud.
    Of course he doesn't care either way because he didn't stop smoking till he was 30 and his gf (now wife ) smokes all the time

    Mind you this was before he knew I toked up
  6. Well I went on a Carnival Cruise 3 years ago and one of the destinations was Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Won't even lie I wasn't expecting to smoke or buy bud at all. So time comes and the cruise docks off in Jamaica we do a whole bunch of stuff than has its nearing time to go back to the ship my pops and I are looking around a shopping center.

    This is where we meet one of the drivers who drive cruise goers back and forth from the ship to the resorts/local areas. He takes us from store to store(to find the white whiskey we were looking for) and on the way to the second store he asked if my father smoked. My father said no but my son does. My eyes lit up lol. Long story short my father gave me the money and i bought me some weed. He didn't smoke none though. I just ended up jamaican hotboxing the whole Trip as I already had a pipe that I bought for a friend.

    That weed was A1.
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  7. Another time when I was in high school senior year.
    I had been brewing a very crude mead in my closet.

    One day my buddies and I go to smoke at lunch and hit my house up as its a block away from the school.? I sell these two kids a two liter of my shitty mead and we go back to school.

    Well these two shit birds drink the whole bottle while going back to school and get caught acting like morons all drunk and shit so they snitch on me as to where they got alc.

    Next day I get called to the office and end up getting suspended and my mom picks me up. Well while I was in the school cops office I call my cousin and tell him what happened and to go to my house and take all my bud, bongs etc and stash it.

    Parents rip through my room and only find the mead.
  8. I was about 18 and still living at home. My twin sister, her boyfriend and I where smoking out in my room. We forgot to lock the door. My mom came in to ask if I had any dirty laundry. We hurried and shoved the bong under the bed(we where on the floor right next to it) but my room was small and it was so smoky in there, even if she didn't see the bong, there's no way she didn't know. I told her I had no laundry and she left like nothing happened.

    We sat there awhile but then we got hungry and thirsty. We had a short argument over who was going to go get the drinks and food. My sister ended up loosing and had to do it. lol my mom was like "have the munchies huh? Dry mouth huh?" And my sister was like "I don't know what you're talking about mom, we just want snacks." Then my mom goes "HOW DARE YOU SMOKE THAT SHIT IN MY HOUSE?!....without inviting me to do it with you?!" My sister was so shocked she left everything in the kitchen and came back into my room to tell us, it was hilarious. I guess my mom figured we were 18 she could let the cat out of the bag. My dad smokes too. They hid it very well, we never suspected so our minds where blown when we found out.

    That was like 14 years ago. They don't smoke that much anymore, but my mom still calls me every once in awhile when she needs weed.

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  9. Gang shit

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