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Parents and weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wil123, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I understand that this has been posted many times but I've looked through all of them and none of them can help my problems. Yesterday I was going out to a party and then I was going to crash at my friends after. So i packed a bag and left it at the door while i went to the bathroom. When i came out my dad was going through my bag and pulled out my davinci vape and a few g's. Of course i wasn't allowed to go out and he had a little talk with me and then later that night my mom had a talk with me. This is not my first time being caught. About a year ago (I was 17) i got arrested for possession and i was grounded for months. I did this program thing with community service and rehab and its not a criminal record. They had found my stash a few times before that, but none since then. It had been a year and they thought i had quit. 
    I am 18 but still in high school and living in their house. I pay for all my own weed and everything so its not about the money. My parents are VERY smart people like top of the class, went to good universities and such so they are not the type of parents that i can just show them the union and change their views. I can't tell them weed is ok and its not bad for you, because all they do is counter with "that is true, if your brain is fully developed which only happens around 22 or 23." And of course, since i have been arrested before they really don't like the fact that its illegal. My grades are really not bad (80's) but i just got my progress report a day before they found my vape and kush,  and i had a few not-too great grades on it. 
    I still want to smoke but I'm not sure whether i should just continue what I'm doing now and hiding it from them, but at the same time bringing my grades up. Or should i try to convince them? They are very stubborn people and it would be very hard to convince them because "it is bad for the teenage brain longterm" and "it changes you and your attitude even when you aren't high" i don't smoke at school ever, and rarely at home. Or should i just give up and quit, make enough money, do well in school, move out, smoke kush. (i really don't want to do the last one because i love weed and don't want to just give it up for a long time.) 
    sorry for the long post but i really need help!

  2. "Mom, dad, I smoke weed because I have to live with this bullshit. As long as my brain is not quite fully developed, then the less i have to give a shit about you."
  3. If they are so smart, they should be able to use logic and reason instead of just being anti-weed like everyone else. Information should help them form a more educated opinion. It's the stupid people who refuse to believe anything new.
  4. Yeah really dude keep smoking

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  5. #5 Wil123, Nov 14, 2014
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    Yeah i guess, but they are very educated about it. For every article or page or success story i can show them, they can show me another one to counter it so i don't know how i can win this. My dad every few months will occasionally send me a link to some study showing how bad it is for un-developped brains.
  6. what more is there to say? they want the best for you. respect their wishes until you arent living in their house.
  7. Why doesn't anyone understand? If you live under another
    person's roof, the only respectable thing you can do as an
    adult is abide by their terms! How much longer are you in HS
    for? 6 months? Grow up. Just ditch the bud, lower you tolerance
    and start up after you graduate and move out. otherwise, all of your
    crying about them not understanding holds no validity. I don't agree
    with their views, but I will defend their right to say it. Just because you can
    buy your own weed doesn't mean you should just ignore the fact that
    someone else is, and has been, putting a roof over your head since you
    were born. show some respect, and just maybe they'll return the favor.
  8. say you will cook a dinner for them and infuse the food with cannabis. then after they eat say parents do you think cannabis is bad? and when they say yes say well why have you just eaten an ounce of it then?
    that's called criminal assault and battery..
  10. Except that's retarded, illegal, and the worst possible way to go about the situation.
    If you don't smoke in the house, the only thing you are "obligated" to do, is not bring any weed or paraphernalia into the house either, but what you do outside has nothing to do with "living under their roof". House rules apply IN THE house.

    It was the parents' choice to have a child, it's also their job to put a roof over it's head and keep it healthy until adulthood. That isn't something to have to be thankful for. It's a given. The child never asked to be put on this earth. It was the parents' choice, and therefore, their responsibility.
    I hope you never have kids.. thinking it's nothing but an obligation
    is pathetic. OP is barely 18 and you're defending them as if they were
    a child. You want black and white? Fine. Tell OP to move out and get a job
    and smoke whatever they want whenever they want. let OP actually have a
    REAL responsibility, because high school is nothing but horse shit compared
    to the real world, the very same real world the OP's parents traversed and raised
    a child in this world who doesn't appreciate a thing they do apparently.
  12. I didn't, and don't intend to tell the OP how to go about any of this aside from the warning NOT to do the stupid thing of feeding your parents cannabis.
    That said, tbh if your parents really are that smart, and they have that much legitimate info proving it isn't a good idea for you to be smoking yet, then maybe you'll want to take that advice.
  13. Love this!
  14. +1. What he said and get your grades back up. Have you been accepted to college? Hopefully you will be moving out next summer and attending a school far from home. Then you can bust loose in a big way. Stay away from joining frat houses and all that hazing BS. You can make plenty of friends in dorms and in classes and party hardy without potentially risking your life with that Greek BS. As I advised my son years back: get drunk, get high, get laid, get an education. And all things in moderation, including moderation. He turned out great.
  15. But as you said it's the kid's responsibility to obey house rules while there and stay out of legal trouble. Getting busted changed the whole scenario. Probably cost the parents a bit of scratch to clear that up, and THEY never asked for that. Plus it made the whole idea of convincing them that weed is good totally impossible Sure son, it's great, tell it to the judge.

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