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Parents And The Dipstick

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by intelligentsmoker, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hey, i'm new to the forums and let me tell you the story before i actually get started..
    I sitill live at home and the requirments for me to live there are to not do any sort of drug. I have smoked the wonderful herb once in the past year( sucks don't it) and i'm over not smoking anymore. I know there are other posts concerning passing a drug test, but none seem to fit my needs.
    I get drug tested randomly by my parents ( dipstick ), and before i actually quit smoking weed for good i would pass my drug test by simpley diluting my urine and everything was okay, but this was when i knew every week i would get drug tested on the same day, that isn't the case anymore, sometimes it will be once a week or every 2 weeks, or twice a week.
    Before you start saying, if you havn't smoked bud in so long, why not just stay clean until you move out? Well its been long enough and i know these things are easy to pass but i need a different method.
    I'm in luck because i am never supervised by them and they never even see my urine, my dad just puts a little dixy cup on the counter with my drug test inside of it, i do the testing, (dipping it for however long), and then i bring it out to his lazy ass sitting on his recliner( jk, but seriously). I want to know if i can just make a synthetic urine myself( not sure about this because there is a Positive, Negative, and Invalid [ One line = positive, 2 lines = negative, and 0 lines = invalid] ) Or if i could simply just put some water and dip it in there?
    Anyways, given the circumstances, diluting doesn't really work anymore because i don't have enough time to prepare. So i'm looking for a $$ free method?

  2. are you clean now? Because if you are, just fill up a bottle with your clean piss in it. While you test, be like "I have to take a shit" and warm it up for a few minutes in the bathroom.
    If you're not clean....idk man. You can buy synthetic pretty cheap. Making your own? Idk...why not just take apple juice or somethin?
  3. #3 intelligentsmoker, Jun 18, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 18, 2013
    I am clean, 100%, and like i said i am never supervized by my parents, im just wondering if just putting water in the cup, will it come up invalid, or using a juice, or something that won't make it come up invalid. In prior events i have just peed a tiny little bit in the cup and filled it up with water and passed, i don't know if that little bit of urine made the drug test recognize it was piss or what
  4. my 1 gallon milk carton is only half way full and i usualy dump it onto compost pile every 2 month' will just begin to turn after one month,meaning it will be red in color and alot more pungnant in smell and will begin to cake up on the sides of the cartoon after 3 month's of's my chamber pot or inhouse,outhouse only 1 bathroom
  5. So are you saying that the pee will still come up clean even after weeks of sitting?
    This is possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever read.
  7. Yes if your clean when you piss,it will stay clean but will turn in color to red if not put into the fridge i asume, if your serious about doing it know that it will be good and clean but redder in color so put it in the fridge.
    wait till you get old and it will no longer be disgusting but quite liberating.

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