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Parents and Opinions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VolcanoVape, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. My mom and dad are really close-minded when it comes to pot. They don't believe marijuana causes lung, head, or neck cancer, but they do think you get physically addicted fast (like cocaine, meth) and that your life will go down the drain. Even when I tried telling them that people like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Michael Phelps smoke pot, they still won't agree with me. Any ideas on what i can do to change their mind?
    PS: They voted for medical marijuana
  2. tell them to research it.
  3. Hold your sister or brother hostage till u change their opinion:D
  4. What the hell, then why did they vote for medical?
  5. I agree with Shades of Green... Tell them to research it, and if they say no be like "ok, well i just gave you proof, if you dont take it, you have no argument"

  6. being the antagonist, i like it :hello:
  7. Parents and opinions are like know the rest.
  8. this is exactly what happend to me a long time ago, I tried putting on the union while my mom was asking me about my smoking, she started talking over it saying she "didnt wanna watch that shit, of course they say its good, anybody can make a movie" then left the room. i was like wtf gtfo then you have no evidence. She used to claim that my cousin from a province away who i dont know at all got lung cancer from smoking too much hash and weed, and would blame weed if I was ever tired, not hungry, lazy, sickish. fucking pissed me off, cuz my dad(they're divorced) atleast sat down with me and watched the whole thing then told me he wants it to be legalized, but cuz its illegal he didnt want me smoking. Luckily thats in the past, cuz during my senior highschool year both of them found 2 different pipes of mine, and both gave them back to me :D Now they never mention anything so i walk round blazed all day :smoke:
  9. Because it's OK for medicine to be addictive.
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    Use granny's list, Ctrl+F whatever you need. It has hundreds of weed references.

    I don't know why they think it is highly addictive. It's common knowledge that it isn't. Every parent knows it isn't.

    Infact flip to page 6 of the PDF it has loads of information on cannabis addiction (or lack of addiction) studies.

    Here are some wonderful articles related to your situation:
    Calling B.S. On the Idea of "Marijuana Addiction"

    Relative addictiveness of Various Substances

    Study of 4000 indicates marijuana discourages the use of hard drugs

    Debunking the amotivational syndrome

    Cannabis Use Not Linked To So-Called "Amotivational Syndrome"
  11. Every ones parents minus the ones who puff themselves will mainly be against it. It's just the way of life. You just have to be solid on your opinion, and do what makes you happy. It's your life, remember that.

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