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parents and mmj. parents on board...kinda

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by newgrass, May 2, 2009.

  1. ok well, iv been smoking for my bi polar and depression for a few months now. i told my parents about it and of course they dissaproved, my mom to the point of almost kicking me out, but after several long talks i was able to convince my dad that it really is good for me and that it helps me.

    so the last time we talked about this, he agreed that he would try letting me smoke once a week. im guna bring it up with him again this weekend, but i need some help on key points in my argument.

    first, how should i get the marijuana? i live in NJ so no MMJ =( i know i could easily grow 1-2 plants in my house with very little chance of getting caught *my parents are both very law abiding so no cops problems ever* but i doubt my parents would support this idea. the only other way is to keep getting it from my friends like iv been doing up to this point. but it costs alot and growing would be so much safer cuz i could keep everything related to marijuana inside the house.

    second, would it be a good idea to ask for a vape? i know smoking anything is bad for you, so i wana take those risks out, but i feel like asking for a vape is too big of a step. iv just been able to convince my dad to let me smoke, so im not sure he would be up for buying "drug items".

    third, would it be out of line for me to ask to keep the marijuana myself so not to have to ask them every time i smoke? smoking is very relaxing to me, so i dont want them to bother me while im doing it. of course il tell them after every time if they want, but i really hate being bothered while smoking/high. it just ruins the relaxing effect of it for me. =(

    any input/advice would be great. thanks =)
  2. You're over 18 who gives a shit what your parents say?
  3. Good point! Oh yea first post!! I love this place:)

  4. Just cause your 18 does not mean you can do whatever you want...well it does, and you can, but his parents can kick him the fuck out too!
  5. So what? As an adult it's high time to make your own decisions about your life at 18.

  6. yea you can do whatever you want when your 18..that also means your parents can do whatever they want with you(kick you out and shit). i hate when people are like oh i'm 18 i'm not going to listen to my parents. as long as i live under their roof i gotta follow their dumb fucking rules.
  7. Then MOVE THE FUCK OUT! And don't give me any sob stories how you can't afford it blah blah blah. Either accept the situation and stop whining about it, or sack up and become an adult like the rest of us.

    I fucking hate threads like this...I really do. I was out of the house and living on my own at 18, had a full time job and I didn't even have the LUXURY of moving back home, because my mom had just remarried and moved two states over. If I can do it, so can anyone else.
  8. just buy the vape urself.

  9. if you hate threads like this dont post on them. i was asking for helpful answers not some jerk here to complain about how his life sucked so everyone elses should also. im doing this to try and help my life. you very clearly have never dealt with anything like bi polar, otherwise you would know it can tear people apart. my life has been hell, so dont give me shit about it, nothing gives you that right.

    and sorry if i have a little respect for my parents and dont want to slap them in the face by moving out after all they have done for me.
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    Son, don't make ASSumptions that you have no idea about. You have no idea about my life, so just stop.

    You wanna help your life? Wake up and move out.

    Oh and rights were given when you posted your thread. You don't want to hear the truth, that's fine, but don't complain about it.

    Maybe it's me, I was brought up to be self-sufficient, and was expected to leave home when I turned 18. That's the way it SHOULD be IMO. You're an adult, start acting like one.

  11. how about you stop trying to talk down to me. and how about you listen to yourself and stop making assumptions about MY life. just because you had it bad doesnt mean noone else does. and sometimes moving out isnt possible so mind your own buisness unless you have something helpful to say for a change.

    any non jerk help would still be great from the rest of you =)
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    Ok everyone stop fighting, he lives at home and hes trying to include his parents in on his decision. Its responsible. If your parents don't like it, just try and convince them using the facts. I smoke with my parents and my parents let me do it simply because they know how harmless it is - you just have to prove that to your parents. It helps you with your depression, that is of utmost importance, I'm doing it for fun, you do it for the best reason. You having your own weed is pretty important because then you don't have to deal with them to get it. Don't ask for a vape yet. Get a job, get it yourself. They won't object to something that allows you to smoke more safely.

    Just tell them everytime your going to smoke if it bothers them that much and then just say I know I'll be a bit different but I'm the same person.

    Also, as for growing, that would be the easiest and safest bet, but your parents I can tell would probably not approve to anything of that sort. Their probably thinking that their son is going off the wrong end and where did they go wrong to involve you in drugs. Just do what you can and bring up growing it eventually.
  13. First off, Will, lighten up! Everyone's situation is different and you know it! This kid is bipolar and tends toward the depressive- he has a biochemical imbalance and may need to take an extra year or two to "grow up". And if he and his parents are comfortable with him being at home, especially in these financially "iffy" times, well, I am not one to make any judgments.

    18 is an arbitrary age to confer adulthood. The age of majority varies from culture to culture. To expect a person the "magically" be ready to face adulthood at a certain age is foolish. The age of majority is a guideline- "our society expects adult behavior by age __". Each of us grows at our own individual pace. (I was a "late-bloomer"- I didn't even try pot until I was 19!) I have known 12 year old "women", and 50 year old "little girls". So quit with the "ageism" and accept him as what he is, a young person on the verge of adulthood, but not quite there yet.

    Newgrass, hi, I'm Granny. My mom was bipolar- and I'm just a bit "moody" at times. ;)

    You need the vaporizer. I think a little Vapor Brother's would be good. Small, quiet, doesn't smell much, uses less and is WAY better on your lungs. If you look on line, you should be able to get one for under $150 total. Ebay may have them cheap. Don't get a "el cheapo" look-a-like! The ones I've seen are junk. I have a VB that has seen heavy daily use for three years now.

    I have a few studies on vaporizers- click the link in my sig and scroll down to the bottom to "Vaporizers. Print up the best one(s) for your parents to support your need.

    About living in New Jersey- I've got some good news-
    Medical marijuana bill 'workable,' N.J. Attorney General says -

    You are just a bit ahead of things, is all. I'd start a letter/email campaign to all those Assembly folks and tell them what I think! Become an activist! This should make it easier- New Jersey Legislature - Legislative Roster

    There are also about a half dozen studies on bipolar in my list. The link below takes you to a "safe" MMJ site- nothing there your parent's will object to! :D Just go to the site and bookmark it to show the parents. The studies will help you convince them.

    Growing, if that bill passes, no problem! I'd start reading the grow section of GC today. I suggest organic, in soil, using CFLs- less expense and easier. :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  14. wildwill more like buffalo billl lol, talk about freaking out on someone. Anyways, to the OP, yea it sucks living at home with your parents and wanting(or in your case, needing) to smoke. If you can't convince them to let you do what you need to do, then just lie to them and do it anyways and be prepared to face the consequences.

  15. This.

    Not to mention that it's near impossible to pay for a college education AND live on your own in this economy, especially with student loans so hard to get. It's funny how some people on here expect everyone to jump straight out of high school and magically be able to work full time to pay for food and housing AND get a college education. You cannot have it both ways, and I'd rather have some help from my parents for the first year or so than say "fuck school" and work at a shitty job with no degree for the rest of my life, all so I can move out at 18. I live on my own and go to school, but I can understand how others aren't able to do the same.

    Anyway, to the OP, growing in your house in a state that doesn't have MMJ can be very risky, even if your parents never get in trouble with the cops. If for some reason something happened to your home and the cops got called in, well you'd be screwed. Hopefully the bill Granny mentioned will pass. Maybe if you gather some articles about the benefits of marijuana for Bipolar disorder and have them ready when you talk to them, they'll lighten up a little and let you hold on to your own pot.
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    who diagnosed your bi-polar disorder ?

    are you currently taking a perscription for it ?

    I ask because bi-polar disorder is commonly misdiagnosed..

    Misdiagnosis of Bipolar disorder -

    ...and if you truely have bipolar disorder, smoking pot isn't going to help.


  17. noone has ever formally diagnosed me with it, but iv been to 2 shrinks and they both thought i had it. and my sister has a VERY BAD case of it and i see my own symptoms in her so i can kinda relate the 2. but i can tell i dont have it as bad as her. though as part of the deal of letting me smoke once a week my dad wants me to go get this test done to formally diagnose me for it
  18. Alright, yeah, sorry about that...I just see these threads all the time on GC and they're getting annoying. You're right I should ignore it.

  19. For the record, just because you live with your parents you are not necessarily under 18.
  20. yeah things like this are hard

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