Parents and "Dope"

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by budlover1234, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. How many of ur guys's parents say the dope? Not marijuana not weed but "dope"

    i noticed alot of you guys said they did on the funny stoned convo's with parents thread and i wanna see how many other peoples parents say it to?
  2. I hate when people use that word, my parents dont, but alot of cops on tv do, bothers the shit outa me
  3. my dad does.

    he's always like "why do ya think they call it dope?"

    i'm like "because of all the dopamine released when you smoke."

    he calls me a smart ass, i say at least i'm not a dumb ass, hillarity ensues.
  4. yea my mom doesnt but my dad says it all the bugs the shit outta me
  5. dope is the funniest word you can use for weed
  6. i guess you can say this guy wants the straight DOPE on what our parents call weed.

    :D lol i rule puns
  7. my bfs dad does...we always tell him that you dont smoke dope you snort it or inject it..why? cuz its HEROINE! and then continue on our way
    he doesnt care...mostly hes just playin...but hes from a diff gen and thats what they called it before the h bomb was really around
    my parents just call it
  8. idk man...whenever i hear dope heroine automatically comes to mind....idk why people call weed dope. its annoying.
  9. yeah. my dad does...
  10. atleast your dad doesn't say POT.

    old time smokers....
  11. My friends call weed dope, so I always have to ask if they are talking about weed or heroin.
  12. My mom calls it, "that shit"

  13. you're not the only one pal
  14. man that shits dope!:hello: haha only way dope is cool when used as seen here

  15. too bad weed doesn't effect dopamine.
  16. my father always used to bitch at me for "smokin dope" in the house
    my ma just says "stop smokin that shit"
  17. 1st time i heard my mom refer to pot was in 77. she found a J and flew off the handle at the "marijuana cigerette" in her house. it took all i had not to die giggling at Marijuana cig.....

    my dad was a closet smoker i guess most of hius life. we smoked a couple times together after his second marrige to a Young lady my age....but he would lie his ass off around anyone about it and it tickled me. pissed him off i was so open about it and didnt, dont, care what others think.

    now at my age and w/me having a 17 n 19 yr old that know i smoke, hard not to w/my affiliations, i feel obligated to tell them the TRUTH about our shitty goverment propaganda machine. So, with that said, dope is a bad word here.

  18. my mom never said dope. she would always call bud like pot or mary jane. she was trying to i guess use "slang" for drug names and they were the most annoying words for em hahah.. my dad would use the proper name like "marijuana" and he would always kinda hesitate while saying it and finishin it off in a whisper like he was ashamed to say it lol
  19. Lol people bitching about dope... my dad called it grass

    I was almost caught, room filled with smoke and he called it grass. And all I could think in that second was, if he had called it Wacky Tabacky I would've shit bricks and just told him he won

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