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    [FONT=&quot]What is the ideal relationship between parents and children? This relationship should be more severe, parents imposing their terms automatically, or should it be a friendship? In the latter case, if the child benefit from parents' indulgence and do something stupid? I know that the situation varies from case to case, but I speak in general. My husband and I get ready to be parents again, we want to adopt for the first time, and therefore we want more opinions. So, what do you think?[/FONT]
  2. Me and my parents are great "friends" now that I don't live in their house, I smoked at home they got pissed. Turns out they smoked the whole time too, so we became friends and have toked togethet since, but they still are parents, and yell at me for shit.
  3. my parents are retired marines, 25 years in the service. i hardly saw them, but i did know it was my ass if i got into any sort of trouble or didnt stay on my schoolwork. my mom was my "friendly" parent and we were very close when i did see her. my dad was my "no nonsense" parent, and he did the displining. somehow, it sent me out into the world even enough. im not a very affectionate person, but otherwise, im normal :)
  4. imho the trick is this: being a friend to your child, in who it can confide in, and also being an authority figure (which you need to be to some degree).

    same goes for teachers. the very few good ones i had in my life combined both these traits. (as well as my fantastic parents, of course!)

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