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  1. So my mom found my stash, which has always been under my bed to the right, facing away from the door. So basically all you have to do is walk in, walk to the other side of my bed, then bend over and you've found it. Back on track, she left me a note when I finally got home saying how she found it and how she's a bit upset with me. She already knows I smoke, and she knows that I'm in control with my whole lifestyle with it. But she still gives me "that" kind of look when she does find it, or if I smoked recently and she can tell, almost like I was laying on the floor with a bottle of whiskey.

    Just curious to see who else has been in this kind of situation, where the parent already knows, but still has some general disapproval.
  2. I guess no one has. Haha.
  3. Dead thread.
  4. ive never been caught before. 3 years of smoking every other day. but if i did get caught it wouldnt be with a note. my parents would yell at me until i died from their words haha. theyre very strict. youre lucky that u got off light
  5. Well, I've never been caught before this with bud actually on me (in my room, for this case), but I did talk to her before and let her know that I do. I probably have to give some boring conversation about how this isn't life-altering and the sooner we put this behind us, the sooner we can get back to our lives with actual things to worry about.

    Like bills.
  6. I have learned not to care what people think about me. My sister gives me that look all the time. I just ignore her or if she says something I just tell her to fuck off. I doubt your mom is going to question you much about it. sense she left you a note.
  7. i live at home 2 months a year (in college) and my parents have never found my stash.
    just get a better hiding spot and try and come home high when you know they are asleep.

    i mean i think my parents know, but i try not to show it off infront of my mom or anything.
    she is just being the "everyday blind parent" i think, dont see/smell, dont know.
  8. ive never been "caught" but my mom knows and she doesnt like it but she is mostly concerned that ill get into more hardcore stuff, or ill get caught by the cops or some shit :/
  9. left a note>? ........white people
  10. What does that mean?

    If she knows you smoke, why does she care that you have a stash?
  11. my mom did that with me.. she knew but when she knew i was high or found some she would just look at me witha weird look i cant describe.. i would just do it out of her house so she would know i respect their house enough to not smoke in it.
  12. My mom always makes it a point to talk to me when I'm blazed. She likes to get my perspective on things in her life.
  13. i personally feel your parents. if i found say heroin in my kids room i'd be pretty pissed off (although personally i don't give a shit if they smoke weed once they turn 16), so i can see why they'd be mad about this. my advise is to confront them with all the info you have (and if you don't have much then research) about why and how marijuana isn't bad for you. try to convince them that it's not to bad.

    but above all when you talk to them act composed and mature, show respect, and know your stuff.
  14. she's only disappointed because she found your stash so easily. at least make an effort to really hide it? i would be pissed if my son made it that easy for me to find his bud.

    did you at least talk to her about it?
  15. Go talk to your mom. Apologize for bringing whatever you had into her house. Let her know that it is recreational only, a hobby of sorts, and that obviously your life is under control. What exactly did she find in your stash, just bud? If so, hide it extremely well from now on.

  16. Mine does the same, but just to confirm my highness :D
  17. Her household, her rules. And honestly, I understand that. I don't want her to get in trouble at home for something that is mines. But at the same time, she should give that much of a fit about it.
  18. No, she already knows. I confronted her a while back ago, but maybe she just didn't see the full extent of how much of a stoner as I am. I did convince her with logic and information on the subject. That's how I got away with it the first time. But it's the look she gives me that gives me some kind of guilt, in some way.
  19. Yeah my dad knew, and even bought some for me, but it was and still is a don't ask don't tell thing. I mean I tell him about awesome pieces I buy and stuff like that, and he wouldn't care if he came to my place when I was high. He just doesn't want me doing something stupid to get caught. He said he would probably smoke if it was legal, and he wanted to go to Amsterdam with me.

    Cool guy, I love my dad. :smoke:
  20. I just got caught by the Popo for the 3rd time yesterday. My parents are very dissapointed but they arent in complete shock like the first time.

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