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  1. i'm not very experienced in growing but i have one plant. it was on my window sill and doin fine until my parents found it and laid into me. i have also helped my friend grow his and was huge and full of juicy bud when his parents found his. another of my friends grew a plant in his yard behind his bbq and luckily managed to hide it from his parents..
    i really want to grow a few plants but my parents will most definately find em, so does anyone have any ideas or tips to disguise or conceal plants?
  2. Can't help ya with this one.....all I can suggest is wait until you can do the grow under your own roof.....peace

  3. well you got any woods near you? you could put em there in a really hidden spot, like where no one would go? and just fill up water bottles and keep a bunch of em out there , then take it from there?
  4. If you go and search about a grow cube or find it in HIGH TIMES. That is the only real good advice i can give. oh ya the grow cube is set up to look like a stand to put stuff on. Worked wonders for me till i moved out from under the "Roof"
  5. i got an idea grow in your bottom dresser draw its concelled and no one goes in there just cut a hole in the botttom and run a cord up
  6. my brother grew hydro under his bed. he built a box, and he had one of those beds with the drawers under it, so he took the mattress off, and there's enough space behind those drawers to fit a bunch of stuff. that's where i keep all my alcohol and my bong. (i have one of those beds, too.) but he stuck the box down in there, plugged it up, and with the mattress on, nobody ever knew.
  7. I would most def. do the outside thing, before i would in my moms house... its just a respect thing...... Last thing i need my son doing is bringing the popo to my house accidentally... ;) Good luck and have a good one..
  8. Don't grow in your parents' house or on their property. Property seizure laws in many states mean that if you get busted they could lose their house. Wait until you have your own place.
  9. ^^^ yeah, what he said. Come on dude have a little respect.
  10. yeah man cause if the cops find out.... and your not 18, your parents will get royally fucked over.

    I suggest you do what i did, just go out into the forest/mountains/country wherever close by or drivable to, a spot where many ppl dont go (duh) and plant a little reading in guerilla grow ops.... shit you could even do what im planning on doing soon....grow in trees, it works just as good as on ground but more concealed..... peace/goodluck
  11. Same thing happened to me but the only reason I got caught was cause I drew attention to my box plus some bullshit wedding that I didnt give a fuck about was going on if I only flipped my box horizantally I would still be stealth mode. My advice is grow it outside since you already got caught once, unless you can make a serious stealth box with a mean carbon filter attachment.also grow in the closet hide it under some clothes or sumthing.
  12. i had a friend grow on his roof back in high school. He had a 2 story house and his window lead right to the roof. He had 4 plants up there that couldnt be seen from the ground. Actually worked very well and he got like a pound total.
  13. your friends has sumthing scarface calls balls I woulda been scared shitless growing on a roof but really thats the best way to do it 100% light coverage. I cant wait till they legalize im gona be roofing it like shit :D
  14. i thought of growing on a roof of an abandoned apartment bujilding... but going up there would b a hassel
  15. I can't believe you kids would risk having your parents arrested and/ or having their property siezed. I smoke and if I caught my kid doing that, he'd have a really rough 4 weeks(at least)without many of his luxuries. Wait till you get your own place. Grow Up.
  16. Do NOT do this, enless you want to explain to your grandmother why your parents are serving 2+ years in jail on your behalf. Be considerate and think a bit.
  17. I'm also trying to grow on a window sill and my parents would freak no doubt thats why i just told them i was growing flowers or something, looks gay but kinda works but what im doing is just starting them in my window sill and them taking them out in random woods thats within walking distance and close to pines so it wont be noticeable from the air, id say it would be real hard to grow a full plant inside your house because ive heard that the smell would easily give it away
  18. No imput on the subject but this thread was started in 02
  19. The only way you can really get caught is by your parents and or nieghbors smelling the smell thats why you stick with low odor strains and some carbon filtration with a back up smell like vanilla or sum timed aerosol spray. Open a P.o Box and have everything sent there dont ell a soul and you will be set people ask you where you get it say you met some fancy lawyer guy that SELLS OWES FOR 500 AN oZ.The last thing is dont sell keep a little driends as possible cause loose lips sink ships.

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