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  1. Hey guys,

    Looking for predominately parents or people that have been involved in raising younger siblings etc to give me some advice.

    As you might have read if you're seen an earlier thread or two of mine, I'm preparing to impregnate the woman a bit later this year.
    We recently got our tax returns, and thought since she is studying presently and I'm only working sporadically at the moment that we should buy a bunch of the necessary equipment when we've got some cash handy.

    The govt here throws about 5grand to expectant parents closer to the birth date, so I'll have that to play with as well, which will probably help out somewhat with the initial expenses and let us stock up on nappies/daipers and the like.

    Anyhows, I just wanted a bit of assistance with a query...I've got my mum working on this assignment as well.
    I haven't ever done this parent bit before, neither has the wife.
    We've put together a list of the items we think we need and we've been going around buying them.

    I was hoping to just get some insight as to any items that we might not have thought of...? Any things that might not be commonly thought about but would help.

    Thus far we have...
    *A cot/crib thing.
    *The thingy that goes inside the cot/crib for younger babies.
    *Assorted clothes, sized tiny to pretty small to small.
    *Those things you stuff power outlets with so they can't stick stuff in.
    *A portable change bench.
    *Sticky feet socks
    *Face-cleaning sponges
    *Big-ass purple bear

    We have lined up...
    *My "menevit"
    *Her "Elevit"
    (Not sure on the spelling there, but the pre and "during" pregnancy vitamin things for us)
    *A steam bottle steralizer
    *Brest pump
    *Baby bath with support
    *Home babyfood maker (too much sugar in jarred stuff IMO)
    *A nice 3-wheeler adjustable pram with shelter
    *A bouncer
    *Audio/Visual monitor.

    Obviously we'll get nappies/daipers and toys on the ongoing, and a car seat if I should obtain a ride before the time.

    But yeah, as I said we're both new to this...we're not even trying 'til later in the year just trying to get as much done as we can in advance.

    So, if there is anything you would recommend that's not yet on the list could you let me know?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Seems like you've pretty much got it covered bro, I only had a crib,some toys, nappies and clothes when we had my son
  3. Make sure you get a good diaper pail...shit stinks...
  4. Throw a baby shower

    Free shit
  5. Baby monitors are a life saver, and a diaper genie.

    When in doubt, it's always good to have back up of everything. Things can go from clean to shit, in a blink of an eye lol.
  6. Cabinet locks! Won't need those til the little blade can crawl, though.
  7. What I would suggest our different stimulation toys

    Especially one with lights and sounds and textures you can hang above the crib

    Also a good thing to get is The Bedtime Newborn CD..babies will go right out when listening to heartbeats..they can feel the moms in the womb

    And what gets them to sleep..helps you sleep

    But u got it covered.. Just show lots of love and affection and everything else will come naturally.. It's instinct..

    My son is 4 now and he survived bein raised by
  8. Get lots of burp cloths. Baby's throw spit up A LOT sometimes.

    You might also want to get a baby swing like this:
    Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing - Biscotti - Comfort & Harmony - Babies "R" Us
    I had one for my daughter and she loved it. I like the swings that go back and forth not side to side.

    You might also want to get a couple pairs of mittens... they scratch themselves sometimes.

    I suggest you use Aveeno products on the baby's skin. Aveeno or some good organic brand.

    Oh and I suggest you get this brand of diaper rash medicine, just in case the baby gets a rash, its called Resinol:
    Resinol Topical Analgesic/Skin Protectant Medicated Ointment 3.30oz | Walgreens

    That cream works amazingly well! I know you're in Australia though so, I'm not sure they sell it there... I'm pretty sure you can buy it on Amazon or some other online source. Its way worth it, trust me! Most other rash creams are way too thick and don't do nearly as good of a job as this stuff does.
  9. I hope that the impregnation goes as planned, and you aren't sitting in your living room a couple of years from now trying to watch TV, with all these boxes of unopened baby items, wondering whether "this time" it will happen!
  10. 200 cans of baby formula, 500 boxes of costco diapers. 1 pacifier.

    You'll be set.

  11. Haha, little blade, love it!
  12. I am currently almost 8 months pregnant and I have one bag of clothes. lol. So I say you are doing pretty dang awesome. This is our 3rd one though...

    we are starting to nest this month though. I mean, we better. lol.
  13. Get some nice bedtime/ playtime nursery rhyme CDs. It was so nice when my sister was a baby and id just pop one of those CDs in and she would be content. Just remember babies will come with their own personalities but you can definitely influence a lot of the activities they like to do, try to work that in your favor.

    Also a lot of people tend to "shh" babies in a "shh Shh SHH SHH" way, It works alot better with calm long drawn out "SSHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh"s. That may sound silly but considering that my mother has around 14+ siblings im a bit of an expert when it comes to taking care of all the baby cousins that keep popping out(lol). I think the long "shh" might be more custom to the sounds a baby might have heard in the womb:confused:.

    Also pacifiers can be a lifesaver. I think you will be fine seeing as how you took the time out to come on GC and post about it. Good luck with the pregnancy and have fun with the baby:D

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