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Parenting + Smoking....xtc...raves...??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XColonelsPrideX, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. a friend of mine who is still in high school (senior year) enjoys marijuana responsibly with his parents

    "Come over here son; sit around the table and rip this shit with your mother"
  2. XTC= Mdma Do you think she chould be doing Meth makes peeps get happy :hello: and shi+ Meth Tweek Glass Ice Crank Speed crystal Meth. That Fu(K up if you think about it is she on speed?:D :wave:
  3. I think this is the wisest thing you've wrote!!!!!

    It's easy to judge from the outside but you'll never get the real story unless your the one living it!

  4. I believe that you dont have to stop smoking when you have kids, but you have to be more responsible (as with anything when kids are involved...) like you cant wake up and smoke a blunt before having to get kids ready for school. Well thats my opinion anyways. Responsibility is the first thing in my mind, when i have kids (hopefully not anytime soon...) i already know for a fact i'm not going to smoke near as much as i do now.

  5. thanks. Its amazing how the old saying "never judge a man until you walked in his shoes" still holds true. ESPECIALLY now in the era we are in- everyone judging everyone. We gots to always keep that in mind. Its always hard to do that though, especially when I feel that my nephew might not be raised the way I would wish him to be. Then again, hes not my son- i am not with him all the time so I don't know. I just know my sister-in-law and what shes about.

    I do think that once I have children (or a CHILD) I am going to cut back TONS! For the first few years I probably won't even smoke- when babies are that young you never get a break.

    As I have said, thank you guys for all your feedback. Its allowed me to look at the situation from outside eyes. I am protective of my nephew, (as you can obviously tell). I am his favorite Aunt :). (I am the only aunt on his daddys side). "TheColonel" is his favorite, and only, uncle. (I wish you guys could seem them together, he is so good with my nephew. Hes gonna teach him to ice skate next time so he can teach him how to play hockey!!.....i love little kids.)

    Sometimes when it is happening in your family you become a little more conservative of your views on this. Overall I don't see a problem with people doing what they want to do- their body, their lives. I have no say in it. But when its so close to home, and she has my nephew I start to re evaluate the situation differently, ya know what I mean?

  6. Ok obviously the child comes first before anything else. Especially in the early years there is not much down time, but dont you think it would offer some much needed stress relief during "nap time"?

    I dont think you'd have a choice but to cut back though. Thats about the only time you'd get to toke.

    *edit, yeah i just repeated what you said. :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:

    Oh well, nothin like a natural high of being w/ the people who are closest to you.

  7. That just made my day. I now have a huge smile on my face- have a good day hun. :love:

    Edit* On a more serious note- it would be interesting to see who on the thread thinks that if you do smoke when you have children you should hide it from the, and who would openly share it with their children. Any thoughts?
  8. Like you, I was raised in a strict household with a very anti-drug policy. Also like you I'm obviously a smoker. I have a young child, wife, house and run my own business. My life is happy and successful. Granted, when I 'settled down' I did give up on the all-night parties, shrooms and acid and various other occasional fun drugs. I continue to smoke as much (if not more) as I did before. Yeah, we obviously took a hiatus during and for a bit after the pregnancy but we've established a responsible balance since then. To me it's all about responsibility and brainpower. The fact that you're even thinking about these questions and asking for input seems to suggest that you're smart and responsible enough to 'feel out' a healthy balance for your future family. To me it's not a question of morals or anything, it's just what you think and feel you can handle safely.
  9. hey all, great post homebrewer, i totally agree. and wether or not to hide it or not, it'd say hide it. although sounds so negative, 'hiding' it, itd like my kids to be a bit older... theres a time and a place, and its called college :) peace ya'all :smoke:
  10. I totally agree.
  11. I gotta disagree with hiding it from ones child all that time...they will find out as threads on this forum suggest

    I'd tell any offspring I may have the truth as soon as they reached a level of cognative thought that allowed for it probably by 10 or so

    If you don't and they find something you may be in for one hell of a D.A.R.E fear based reaction that totally puts them off to trusting you as their caregiver as well as sends them into the arms of some asshole teacher/officer bob type who inturn takes them away from you all over a bit of grass/natural stress relief

    just my 2 cents tho...
  12. I can definitely see your point. However, I do have a personal conflict with admitting to my child at that early of an age. Kids can't keep tight-lipped at that age. I think it's way more of a risk to tell them 'mommy and daddy smoke pot but don't tell anyone'. They tell someone on the playground, that kid tells a teacher..... Also, I'm much more comfortable with educating my child about drugs in a positive way and letting them guide themself at the appropriate time. If they figure it out at 15 or 16 then fine, we'll talk about it (and I'll still tell them to wait until they're 19 or 20 at least) But if your kid finds out at 11 or 12 that you're smoking and runs off to the police first then either you're not being nearly careful enough or you have a terrible realtionship with your children. JMO
  13. As an afterthought, I was in the D.A.R.E. program and would never have gone to the police first if I suspected anything with anyone, nor would have, it seems, any of my classmates. No one even paid attention. Coincidentally enough, my D.A.R.E. teacher's name WAS Officer Bob and even more coincidentally he was the same officer who arrested my brother about a month before my class began. :D
  14. lol well I feel if you're close to the child they'll realize pot isn't evil as you still feed cloth and love them even tho you toke

    The child ratting thing has happened morethen once and it's pretty scary to think ones own flesh & blood would turn so easily but it can happen so it's best to be on the up and up with them early if not allow them to partake of it to see first hand that it isn't harmful

    it's radical thinking I suppose but I feel the more a sponge soaks up the better even if some may think they have no place exploring drugs before they're outta the house

    I'd rather have my hypothetical child safely within my walls if they choose to experiement then out with some silly lackwit friends ya know?
  15. All the normal stoner families i know of either everyones aware that the adults are smoking marijuana and they smoke when they feel like. Or the non sterio typical stoner parents who only smoke when their by themselves and can enjoy it without everyone knowing.

    I'd be the more discrete parent as it would be an opportunity to cut down smoking as i'd get older, but would tell my child when my child would be old enough to completely understand it.
  16. I'm not going to read this entire thread but I think that ANY parental who EVER lets drugs get in the way of raising their child to the absolute best of their ability should be flogged in the face with a 12" dildo till they die.

    And I'm not just saying that, I strongly believe that. Having a child is the number one greatest responsibility anyone can ever take upon themselves. It's a nother human beings life that you're 100% responsible for, for the next 18 years. If you aren't 110% sure you want to do this... don't even think about it.
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