Parental Stash Pics

Discussion in 'General' started by stonehenge55, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. anyone have any pictures of their parents stash, i dont have any but i thought itd be funny seeing some
  2. lol lebowski... did you delete that post because you figured it was gonna take too long to draw... or just because it would look funny... either way i would have loved to see a funny stick figure drawing.
  3. Why Would a Picture of My Parents weed be so Funny?They have the right to smoke jus As You and I Do.Nothing Funny about it..its just weed..Which also gives me the impression...Your Under The Age Of 18?

    P.S. Sry If that Sounded rude..I just Don't see the Humor in It.

    ~T h C~
  4. srry, i find it humorous, its just when i was in high school all of the anti-drug assemblies were usually hosted by some parent who would jerk off with sandpaper if they thought it would eliminate marijuana, just irony. some people have different tastes, its cool though. But thinking im under 18 is a bit insulting. im 19, i only wish i was 12 so i could toke up for the first time again.
  5. Ha, im 19 and i live at home with my dad still, saving up for my own place..He smokes so much dope with me haha, its killer, we get baked and play some xbox and eat MAD good food, like BBQ steak, ribs, chicken, shrimp, crab, stuffed mushrooms, and the best A huge ass plate of Nachos topped with steak. time :)

  6. Damn man, your making me HUNGRY!! ahah i think its time for some hostess dingdongs or something of the sort.
  7. Yo, your dad and you should chill with me and my roomate, haha we'd get along great! :hello:
  8. hahaha, kick a HUGE session and Munch out on some bbq'd food ha!

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