Parent walks in while blazing

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  1. So I'm sitting there, listening to music after I JUST hit the bong. I hear the front door shut. I'm like "was that my door"? Then I hear my moms voice. I'm like FUCK and just as I grab my bong to set it on the floor, she walks in. (Mind you I was trying to Hotbox my room :D) She then says "whats that smell". She then walks toward me and picks up a sack with probably two bowls worth of weed.

    She says "Why are you doing this"? I tell her that I told her about all the FAQ's and that it's not a bad "Herb". She then proceeds to tell me who I bought it from. I tell her I got it from a friend for free. (Shyea-Riight) Then she brings up my sister. (She knows my sister smokes weed, and has caught her at random moments) She says you and your sister are putting me through so much stuff right now.

    (She's is in jail right now, because she violated her parole) I'm like ok. So when she was talking to me about all this BullShit, me, being so faded, couldn't keep a straight face. I would laugh and she would get mad at me! Then when she would point out to what is so goddamn funny, I would say nothing:p. Nothin really happened, just that extra long buzz killing speech. Sorry, I just had to say this. Oh yea, and after she left , I still had my bong, so I took the remaing hits that were left in the bowl and just laughed off that whole incident. I think shes pretty chill with it now. I would't evem imagine if she would have found my bong.
    She would have thrown it away. Well, thats my story.
  2. hahah damn u got off pretty lucky
  3. Last time my dad walked in on me blayzin, he sat down and sparked a dubee.
  4. HAHA im waiting for the day i catch my dad..ahah
  5. i've smoked with both my parents. ha my mom was tellin me how she always would smoke all the boys under the table back in the day. they were tellin me about when they did acid too. my dad said he had about 40 different trips.
  6. Its cool how your mom was pretty chill (although not totally) about it. Both my parents blaze the odd time, its nice.
  7. haha that fucking rules
  8. haha thats funny that you were laughing at her when she was acting all serious.

    my dad walked in on me rolling a joint, and started crying and shit.... worst buzz kill ever
  9. My dad walked in on me rolling a joint once, and he either didn't notice or didn't care. I know he smokes, he was ahippy when he was my age. He's never mentioned it, I mean, it wasn't compleatly obvious what I was doing, but if he looked he woulda seen.
  10. Ok, I need GC help. My mom DOES NOT want me to keep smoking. She keeps sayin all this bullshit about getting addicted to it, and how weed would only get you into trouble. I told her that its way safer than all her prescribed pills and all, but she won't listen. I told her we're going to have to talk about this, and try to get something worked out. I've talked to her about three times about it, but she keeps bringing up all the bullshit that made it illegal in this country. She is very ignorant about it, and it's PSSING ME OFF!

    Can anyone of you tell me who smoked weed and is high up in the corporate business. Like leaders and stuff. I've tried to show her all these REAL facts about it, but she still doesn't want me to blaze. I told her it helped me with my depression ( It did!) and that if I would have never smoked weed, then I prolly wouldn't be talking to her today. She still thinks you can get addicted to it. So any help would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.
  11. thats so sad. [​IMG] sorry i cant be any help. alot of great musicians smoke bud.
  12. current people that still toke include stephen king, jenifer aniston, brad pitt, umm abraham lincoln grew hemp and was known to get it on ahh theres a bunch i stumbled across a site that had a list of names. just search on good for famous people who smoke or something... good luck

  13. There are lists out there, try Google. Searching for things like 'famous marijuana users' will probably bring some up.

    Just from personal experience, I know doctors, business owners, and other white-collar professionals who smoke or did smoke at one time.
  14. I read an article awhile back that said many successfull business people smoke although they have to be very secretive about it.

    If that doesnt work, tell her George Washington had a hemp farm, and Thomas Jefferson was familiar with hemp as well. In one part of this book I have that was all journal entries and writings from Washington he talks about seperating the male hemp plants from the female hemp plants. I dont have an exact quote, but you can look it up on google or whatever.
  15. Thank you for all the posts with help. Im gunna try to talk some sense into her. Hope this works out!

    P.S. Im dry right now :(
  16. Bill Clinton my man. Although he didn't inhale, *bullshit*...
  17. I fell asleep with the bong smack dab in the middle of my floor once. Woke up and it was gone :O
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  19. I feel bad for you're mom. It's bad enough she's goin to jail, and now she's pissed about you smoking too. I would be supportin my mom the few days before she goes to the can
  20. Only name I can think of off the top of my head is Morgan Freeman. Noone can be mad at him.

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