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Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, May 9, 2004.

  1. Ok, I'm the youngest of three, 24, 24, and 18. I'm the only one who has not been in trouble with the law, and do what both of my parents tell me. Both of the other two have been smoking since they were in like the 9th grade or longer. Both have gotten in plenty of trouble with the law and everything else. Ok, both were known smokers for the whole time. One of them, my dad built a house for. The other just moved out. Now heres the thing.. I came home last night only to find a note with some blunt guts I left laying out (I know, dumbass me). I knew it was going to say something along the lines of "blah blah blah, I really don't want this is my house, please don't leave it laying out again."


    Here it is, word for word.

    I know what the bullshit in the baggie (by the way it was in full view, nobody snooped) is for and this activity had better stop right now. This is your one and ONLY warning. Any more signs of this activity in MY house or MY car and I take MY car back and put your ass in the road. You do not have a choice in this matter.

    Now I guess I had better stop huh. Yea, I suppose so with a threat like that coming from my father. But what.. my father smokes. I can understand that the other two have put them threw much grief over this matter, but to threaten to kick me out is something serious. Especially with my father as a smoker. They even had this bullshit signature line to sign if I agree to their terms.

    The only way in hell I'm signing this is if I get one good reason why they want to kick me out for something like this. Why they would give one brother a roof over his head, and take one off mine. This is honestly some of the most bullshit that they have ever pulled, and trust me, they have pulled a lot of bullshit. So fellow parents and down to earth potheads, what the fuck is the deal? I have never been so mad and confused at the same time.
  2. just ask him why hes gonne make his own son homeless for somethin he and ya brothers do???/
  3. thats how my dad was acting, and both he and my brother smoke... he is just worried because my brother is a fucking lazy bastard and he still doesn't have a good job at 25. He doesn't want me to turn out like that, so he gets all pissy.

    I just told him that it makes more sense for me to smoke in the house where I can get in no trouble with the law, then to be out smoking and driving around, where I can get pulled over.... my mom and him had a long talk about it, and they decided as long as it stays in the house its cool....

    maybe your dad's just worried about you or something? are you in colleage? high school still? good grades?
  4. my pops finally decided to smokes wit me when i fucked up at school wit that instead of punishing me and motivatin me to rebell, he decided to accept the fact i smoke and join.....besides, he dont think theres anything wrong with it either......
  5. One of my brothers dropped out of highschool, the same one just graduated college with his associates in computer networking. The other graduated highschool with the HOPE scholarship... but recnetly dropped out of college because of a career change.

    I graduated highschool with honers, and now enrolled in college.

    The brother that just graduated from college has always had a job, since he was 16. The other.. not much of a job go getter.

    I don't know.. i got to leave to go to another dinner, so if they don't catch me going out the door, then I'll hold it off, but if they do, I'll come right back here and post what happened.
  6. Maybe they feel like they messed up with your other two siblings. He might have built a house because he feels like its his fault he did suttin wrong or suttin. He might just be worried and not want you to fuck up your life or suttin. He might just be threatening to kick you out so you will quit maybe he doesnt really plan on doing it i dunno tho cuz i dont really know ne thing about your family. I dont see ne thing wrong with smokin weed tho.

    By the way my family is like the opposite. Im the oldest and i used to get into alot of trouble for things i did and well now my parents dont see it as such a big deal so my lil sisters dont get in trouble for it its some bullshit.

  7. Well ummmm ur 18 right? ... this is a tuffy maybe just ride it out since ur so close to moving out anyways :p
  8. Ok so I talked to my dad today. It wasn't at all what I expected. I figured we'd sit down, and talk about it, from both views. He just talked. All it was is, "I've done been through this twice, and you see what kind of trouble it can get you into. I know I can't make you stop it, so put it somewhere else and put it at someone else's house."

    And I was sitting there listening.. and I was like ok.. it was like a compromising thing. So I was cool with it, and came back here to tell you what happened.

    Happy ending :)
  9. /\ Good Shit man ;)
  10. and they all toked happily ever after?
  11. A family that smokes together stays together.:smoke:
  12. I envy you.
  13. 05-09-2004, 02:52 PM
  14. cool cool
  15. was gonna point that out.....nice save DW
  16. yea, seriously. please dont revive these oooooold threads unless you have something meaningful to say. thanks. :)

  17. Not trying to be on the offensive here, but why would there be such a vague stipulation tacked on to a revived old post?
  18. Well, imo, it's because a) it takes up space in "new posts" or however you surf the board for threads that actually matter to most of us, b) any replies to the situation that will inevitably occur, such as "hey dude, you should tell your parents and then they won't be mad"..or whatever..wont' matter because this event happened 2 years ago. Unless it's a response that's like "OMG i was in the same situation and read your thread from way back when and it helped me out immensely, thanks so much," it's totally pointless. That's my 2 cents on the matter.
  19. i agree with what delaWHERE? said. People end up posting trying to help that person or do other things, when it happened so long ago it doesnt matter and basically useless to post in reply to them

    don't get me wrong it's fine to read a story every now and then, just hate reading something i THINK is recent only to find out how old it is

  20. Why would you even want to respond to old posts? The original poster is typically long-since gone. Wait a second... what have I just done? Crap.

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