Discussion in 'General' started by HypnoToad, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. I was reading my state laws about drugs and paraphernalia...but what I was wondering is if anyone knew if a pipe is only paraphernalia if there is evidence of some sort proving it was used to smoke MJ or an illegal substance or if all, quote "pot pipes" are illegal even if the substance you smoke in them is legal? I'm not entirely sure of legality of such things and I surely dont want to go asking about things like that at a police department or lawyer's office since pot smoking is the number one pasttime in this area. lmao
  2. I think even if you have a pipe with no resin, and they find weed and no tobacco in your posession, then it is paraphernalia. Not sure though..

  3. Yup. But if you just have a pipe and there are no traces of illegal substances in it, the authorities can't do shit......
  4. Ok.Thanks for the info.
  5. its glass art :)
  6. "No officer, this is a color changing pencil holder, not a bong."
  7. lmao I asked about the paraphernalia question because I take herbs for my asthma and its best administered by smoking or the use of one of those vaporizer pipes and I should really start carrying it with me all the time in case I need it.But I was a bit wary because I wasnt exactly sure what it would be considered as.However I highly doubt I'll get stopped or searched by an officer unless Im smoking in front of someone(or in the view of someone) who assumes Im doing something illegal in front of them and calls the police.People are too police happy around here.
  8. A friend of mine had a hookah confiscated by the cops...

    He doesn't smoke weed though, so he fought to have them test the resins...
    Eventually they were forced to give it back...
  9. The cops are so hypocritical I bet half them smoke pot or do other drugs.I know of an ex-cop who stole stuff from the evidence room like live pot plants and other drugs or drug related things.He has a secret room in his house full of stuff he took.

    I also think cops are overly paranoid about drugs and "drug problems".

    I've been stopped and questioned by local police officers because I dont dress normal and according to them I'm suspicious looking.

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