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  1. I was recently pulled over in Ohio and they found a tiny bag of weed and a bowl in my car. I received and ticket with a court date on it, however anyone have any advice as to what should be expected in court?

  2. No idea as I've never been to court lol, but a ticket and a court date for a bag of weed and a bowl thats shit in the UK if you get caught with up to an oz you get a warning first time then a fine each time after that lol
  3. Court? Damn.
    In Australia, most of the time whatever is found (provided it's not over 1/2oz (might be more, can't remember for sure)) is just confiscated and a warning given if it's first offence.

    You'll probably and hopefully just get a slap on the wrist.
  4. If it is your first offense you will likely be charged with possession, if you get a lawyer he might be able to get the paraphernalia charge dropped at least and you will probably get some diversion program where you are on a probation of sorts for 6 months - a year with random Drug Tests and as long as you pass them and don't get in trouble in that time your record will end up being expunged. That is at least how it has gone down with friends of mine in NJ
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