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  1. Im going down to a headshop soon and was wondering what should i buy for $25 or under exe. Bong, pipe, papers, grinder etc. What would be the most useful thing that i could buy.
  2. I'd save my money for a decent bong but in your situation, I'd buy a good bowl, maybe opt out for a little more expensive...
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  3. It all depends on what you already have and what you need
  4. You can get a foot of bong for 15 bucks in my regular headshop if they offer the same I think it's obvious what to get
  5. Where do you live I wanna live there
  6. Germany the country of excessivly low payment
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  7. How much is the weed over there
  8. About 10 bucks a g
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  9. i would get a glass bowl with some hemp wick and hemp papers
  10. I win, 5 buck a g (Spain) haha

    Anyways, you could get a bong or a pipe for that price (at least here at Spain you could even get a bong + a pipe and still have money left for papers, a grinder...)

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  11. Five fucking dollars lol!!! I'll take quality over quantity any day.

    For 25$ I'm sure you could find a decent bubbler.
  12. You sure you're a master stoner?

    Get a cheap pipe and some papers.
  13. The fact that it costs 5€ a gram doesn't mean is bad weed at all, in fact, there's bad weed and good weed at the same price.

    First time I bought weed it was 5€/g and super bad quality.

    Second time, same price 5€/g it was mids quality.

    Third time now still 5€/g and I have pretty good dank, strongest strain (supposed to be Amnesia, but hey, you never know) I've tried, good sativa.

    I also prefer quality over quantity, but here almost any weed is priced the same so you better find someone that sells good one.

    EDIT: Think about it this way, it's so cheap here because we produce a good part of the weed that then it's exported and sold in Europe (it even goes to Holland), it's like buying a Chinese phone at China, chances are it will be cheaper in a shop there than in a shop here in Europe or in the US.

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  14. Ya....

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