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Paraphernalia question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonedloner, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Are lighters and redness relief eye drops considered paraphernalia if I DO NOT have any weed, pieces, or papers on me? If a cop suspected I was high and found a lighter and eye drops would I be charged with anything? Thanks ya'll

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    I don't think so. Just a lighter or eye drops is not enough to say you've been smoking. If you have a good back story you'll be fine

    righteous myan
  3. It's all about that back story. Be calm and be ready to speak. Many other uses for both eye drops and lighters.

  4. every self-conscious women carries eye drops

  5. Haha guys, thanks for ya'll adivce. But it's the hardest thing for me to remain calm when confronted by a police, specially when I'm high. What are some things I could say that I have a lighter for?

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  6. No not at all, no you don't need a back story. You don't need any story at all besides no i was not smoking cannabis. I could have a water pipe with me and as long as its clean and i have no cannabis on me i couldn't get in trouble no matter how high i was.
  7. You can have a lighter for cigs. Duh.
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    Definitely not, in what situation would you be stopped anyway? If your driving all over the road, your car reeks and you are found with those items? You got some explaining to do lol

    but lets say they approached you out of the blue on foot and confronted you. you're most defiantly fine dude you got allergy's and you smoke cigs or use lighter for lite when u stuck in dark.

    TL;DR: Lighters and eyedrops are not paraphernalia
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  9. I smoke a joint while going for a walk around my apartment complex. I was wondering more if one of my neighbors smelt weed, or saw me smoking and called the cops. By the time the cops got here, the joint would be long gone however the smell might still be there.

    So if a cop smells weed on me and in my breath and around the area, will a lighter and eye drops be considered paraphernalia?

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  10. I'd check your local statues to see what your state defines as paraphernalia.
    For example crs 18-18-426 defines what is paraphernalia in Colorado I'm sure your state has something similar.

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  11. Lighters and eye drops are not paraphanalia.

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  12. Is this apartment complex in Nazi Germany, around 1938? Because none of what you're talking about there is anything but paranoia if it's not.

    FIRST: If a neighbor smells pot and calls the police, the police are going to say "okay, thanks ma'am" and that's about it.
    SECOND: How would a cop even know that you had eye drops and a lighter on you? They don't frisk you, regardless of what you smell like. Yeah I smell like pot, some hip-hop asshole came up to me smoking a huge ass blunt, high as a kite, trying to beg money from me He was blowing his nasty-ass smoke all over me. He walked of that way.
    THIRD: Really, there's no third here. This whole question is ridiculous and made out of a paranoid fantasy.

  13. no they wont. he can use that to his advantage though and could say that those things lead up to the search if he was to have found something. but just eye drops and a lighter? no. you would need to reek like dank, have a dirty / loaded pipe, baggies with crumbs left / bags of ganja. those would get you the paraphernalia you are looking for.
  14. Cop: Why were you pulling away from a known weed spot?
    Me: I was buying weed.
    Cop: Where is it?
    Me: On the ground in front of the weed spot where we saw each other. (about 4 blocks away)

    Yea, it was in my sock but I didn't tell HIM that. He was so floored that I was straight with him (mostly) that he just gave me a speech and let me go (after threatening to get the canine unit up there).

    One thing cops hate more than anything is when people MAKE them do their jobs by not being straight with them. Harassing people who are honest just encourages people to lie, so if a cop really believes that you're telling the truth then he's probably going to leave you alone.

  15. that really depends where you are. smell of weed, hang out in front of soup kitchen, you will be frisked twice a week by cops on bikes

  16. People don't avoid areas like that because the cops might harass them. They avoid areas like that because of the crime rates, and I for one would be grateful for the heavy police activity if I found myself on foot in such an area.
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    Have you been homeless before? You can imagine how annoying it is being homeless and being harassed by cops every single day while you're trying best to survive in the cold


  18. Have you ever participated in a city council meeting before?

    Sorry if I'm being inconsiderate, but you're only giving half the story. People who live in high crime areas have every right to demand police protection. Even homeless people have the right to police protection. I've already said that if I had to live in such an area I would be grateful for it.

    You're acting like none of the residents in these areas show up to city council meetings demanding that the police do something about crime rates.
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    I was homeless for almost two years once. Never went to city council meeting. I live in ghetto part of downtown. I live in Canada where crime rates falling every year. I have junkies fighting in my townhouse's parking lot and that wakes me up at night, I don't call cops. Whats the point? They will return. I don't go out at night

  20. Thank you. I'm sorry you have to go through all that, but I'm no stranger to NY ghettos and I know for a fact that most cops get along very well with local residents.

    Apologies to OP for going off-topic.

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