Paraphernalia in MA, fine or prison?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by TotallyToked, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. So I recall seeing that possession (no intent to sell) of marijuana paraphernalia in MA was just a fine when I looked on NORML's website a few years ago.
    I happened to be looking around today on NORML's site and noticed that it says:

    Selling, possessing, or purchasing devices used in the cultivation or smoking/ingestion of marijuana is punishably by a fine of $500-$5,000 and/or 1-2 years of imprisonment.


    Mass. Gen. Laws. ch. 94C, § 32I(a)

    However, that law says:
    Section 32I. (a) No person shall sell, possess or purchase with intent to sell, or manufacture with intent to sell drug paraphernalia...

    My reading of that is possession with intent to sell...

    My question is what penalties, if any, are in place for simple possession.
    E.g., you get caught with a bowl & <1oz... fine? Or criminal penalty?
  2. its usually a ticket and if your a minor you get sent to rehab and called a drug addict.

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