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paraphernalia charge in maryland

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ragnar_wagnar, May 19, 2010.

  1. so, anyone knowledgeable about paraphernalia charges in maryland, i got caught with my bowl. it wasnt clean it was full of res

    norml says the minimum fine is 500

    fuck i have to wait for my court papers. i did a change-of-mail request at the post office but i dont know how long thatll take to go in effect plus wat if they send it to both addresses. anyone do this and know?

    also should get myself a lawyer bc its gonna be hard to prove my innocence. i think i inadvertently admitted guilt towards "use of paraphernalia" (itll be the cops word vs mine, not like that's favorable towards me) so i mightve fucked myself over that way so i may have to talk with a lawyer to see how we could bend the truth luls

    Section 5-619 - Maryland Criminal Law - Maryland Code :: Justia
    Maryland - NORML

    i have to somehow prove that my bowl wasnt being used, though thats gonna be impossible bc there definitely was like half a bowl still packed (like 90% ash, 10% burnt weed)

    anyone in baltimore, maryland ever go through a similar thing and have advice

    i should probably quit smoking for a while to get clean... fuck and i took acid recently though i have no idea how long that lasts in the system

    my best bet might just to try to get the lightest sentence possible (community service, maybe a drug class or some shit)
  2. @ OP Oh, that sucks. Sorry, i dont know the charges in maryland, but here its pretty much a slap on the hand and just a cheap fine.Unless of course you have medical reasons;then no problems.

    But it just depends. Goodluck

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