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  1. I was thinking people could post stuff here about ghosts, weird creatures, and any strange or unexplainable experience they had here.

    The only thing i would consider out of the ordinary is when i was 6-8 i used to live in a apartment. My room looked down the hall when my door was opened, and at the end of the hall on the wall was a painting of me and my sister when she came home from the hospital. Anyways, one night i saw me standing in the hall, i couldn't see many details cus it was dark but i just standed straight looking into my room.
    I was scared shitless in short.
  2. Buck Hill, Round Lake, Ontario.

  3. yeah. shit happens, shaken to death 3 times everytime i fell asleep on civil war grounds... Chased out of the guilford county courthouse battleground by footsteps running through the woods and A monkey like creature jumping through the trees to our right, when we flashed a cam to see it it was there then it just disapeared.

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sleep paralysis some people think thats supernatural i guess happens monthly to me.

    room was dreadfully haunted by some kinda creepy ass gray thing thatd always flash through my vision until one night while laying in bed everything suddenly became pitch dark and i could see alot of movement on my wall by the closet.

    stuff happens bro, (those are my sober stories) the other ones i dont trust lolol
  4. You fell asleep on civil war grounds? Was there like a bed in the middle of the
    battlefield? lol. But seriously was a hotel built on it?
    Im pretty jumpy when im alone sometimes, and i see lots of shit i just don't trust to be real
    and i just blame my imagination or sleep deprevation. (got sleep apnea)
  5. I once smoked some really dank purple, next thing I know diarrhea all over my kitchen and bathroom.
  6. LOL you probably already had a diahrea ghost and the purp made him angry he couldn't
    have some for his own pleasure. So he punished you.
    Share your dank next time. :smoking:
  7. uh more like i was posted up out in the woods with bud camping with a friend and we had just got there and went to sleep with high hopes of getting wasted the next day, instead waking up at like 2 AM over and over until we quit and smoked some weed with the poor guy. lol
  8. I've never seen anything but sometimes when I was alone as a kid in my house I would get that creepy feeling like something is walking right behind me. And once when I was like 8 I was woken up by a really loud, fast knocking on my window. To this day I have no idea what that was. Sure as hell wasn't a tree, this definitely sounded like two pairs of knuckles.
  9. Probably someone had 2 too many blunts and was flying around knocking on windows.

  10. Haha could be, could be...

    Freaked me the fuck out though, it's the only time in my life when i've been paralyzed by fear.

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