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  1. anyone had any good paranormal or extraterestrial experiences. Blazed or not. i would like to here them

    Heres Mine

    A while ago i had just smoked a bowl as i was lurking around 4chan (haha). so i was on/x/ the paranormal forum and people were talking about shadow people. so i got into the discussion of it and so on. well i walk over to my moms shop to piss in the bathroom

    (our basement has our computer room and my moms hair salon in it, not really even a basement kind of a first floor thats half underground.)

    anyways i hear this commotion outside on my porch. so quickly run over to my gun safe and unlock it and grab my 1911, incase i have to fend off some crazy dude or a vicious bunny. i flip the light on and see this black figure with yellow eyes bolt off my porch. SHIT YOU NOT. it was like a shadow and the speed it went of my porch was insane, like have you ever snuck up on an animal and scared it and watch it dart away at the speed of light.

    thats how this thing moved, but it was about the size of a average man but it was hunched over and stood up as it ran

    FREEKY SHIT, fyi i slept with my gun under my pillow that night haha
  2. Thats scary as fuck brother.
  3. Damn if that shit really went down, I wouldn't have been sleeping that night. Holy shit son.

  4. yeah when i first saw it i was kind of shocked. never said "OH SHIT MOTHA FUCKING GHOST" or anything haha, just stood there and then bolted up my stairs and jumped in bed, lol
  5. A couple years ago I was home alone in my uncles cabin for the night. I was laying on the couch reading a book and I noticed i heard kind of weird whispering, I got up to take a look outside but everything seemed all good. about ten minutes later though a heard a big Thump, I basically shit my pants and looked over to see that a coffee table book had fallen off the table, I relaxed a little bit but then i freaked out again when i realized the book had been in the middle of the table under my cigs, pizza and remote control. Needless to say, I went completley ice cold, ran out to my car and drove around until like 7 in the morning so the sun would be out.
  6. Were your cigarettes and remote still on the table?
  7. I don't know. I'm not doubting you or anything, I'm just one of those "Have to see it to believe it" kind of people. I hope someday that I do experience it if there really are ghosts out there. Haha or maybe not. It'd probably be pretty fucking scary.
  8. yeah bro weird shit like this stuff has to be witnessed first hand to be able to relate to. like reading my story sounds retarded, but if you experienced it im pretty sure you would have no problem relating. but yes that shit can be scary
  9. Sorry, I left that part out, they were actually in their exact same positions, just without the book under them, hence the reason i flipped my shit.
  10. I wasnt blazed at the time, but it was just kinda weird.nothing huge.We were at my friend's brother in law's house, and their dog came outside.Knowing dogs and other animals are sometimes sensitive to the paranormal, when their dog did this, I got the shivers and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.
    The dog was on the porch and standing behind my friend, when all of a sudden it looked above the car I was sitting in and started growling and barking.I could see through the moon roof and looked for a bird or bat or something, but nothing was there. The dog was actually following something in the air, and kept barking.I wanted to get out of that driveway ASAP.
  11. My old school was built under a indian burial ground and was rumored to be haunted and 2 suicides were commited there. But as a little cocky 8th grader i didnt believe anything that had to do with ghosts. Anyways, one day i walk home to my house and i forgot my binder in my locker, so since my house was 15 minutes away i decided to go back and get my stuff.

    I get to the school and the janitor is just about to close the door, so i barely got in and just as i walk about half way to my locker i heard a really eerie scream. Not like a normal scream, but i was a scream that went from high to low. So i just think its a teacher, i get to my locker and i hear the same exact noise again and just as i look over my shoulder, a girl in a blue victorian dress was right behind screaming at the top of her lungs but no noise was coming out of her mouth. I BOOKED the fuck out of there, and as i ran i looked back at my locker and the girl was gone...

    to that day im scared shitless of opening my locker and i beleive 100% of anything paranormal.
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    I was looking through my bathroom window, and a human (or larger) sized, pure white... thing came by. Definitely wasn't a person, and I don't think polar bears live in California.

    Also, another time, a light switch flicked itself off. If your light switches are anything like mine, they can't get stuck in the middle to flick down randomly...try it. So that was weird.
    EDIT: Actually, most of my light switches can get stuck in the middle, but the one that it happened to absolutely can't.
  13. This is some freaky shit, im dipping out of this thread. I hope nothing like this happens to me, to freaky.:( Freaked out Panda.

  14. damn, your school was underground? :eek:
  15. I've got one that'll make you go to pieces so fast we'll suffer shrapnel damage.

    So it was a dark, foggy full moon night, friday the 13th, Chinese New Year, a few years ago in an abandoned Louisiana bayou mansion on the outskirts of a town that is fabled to have birthed the Jersey Devil, and was the site of no less that 2 Gigantopithicus rapings, and I was walking alone, for no apparent reason, down an unpaved road at three in the unholy morning.

    All of the sudden, I heard a noise behind me. Whirling around, I saw a black form shape shifting into... Paul Reubens!?!?! He looked to the sky and said "I eat endangered species for a light mid-afternoon snack."

    The next thing I knew, I was being tractor-beamed on to an alien space craft piloted by Count Chocula, and his alien race of vampire henchman! I had almost been drawn into their ship when the ghost of Charlie Chaplin appeared to me and said "Clinch your sphincter, young one". He vanished in a puff of feathers, and I awoke from my dream...

    To find I was in a room with... A bathtub full of ice! Oh no, I was in the bathtub full of ice! I looked down the hall, and it was about this time where I saw an ancient, 45 foot tall sea monster from the Paleozoic era!

    I was just about to scream when the Yeti, disguised as Patrick Dempsey, distracted the Loch Ness monster by offering him role on Grey's Anatomy, and I escaped through the wormhole that had opportunely ripped in the fabric of space, transporting me to an alternate dimension where food ate people, and I was promptly devoured.

    The End... Of my paranormal experience... For now.
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    I really do want to believe you all, but I just can't bring myself to do so.
    I always used to think I felt "evil spirits" or saw ghosts and other objects of that nature.

    But honestly, think about it.

    A. What ever it is, it's not going to hurt you. If it does, it will be the first case in recorded history, if you actually get mauled by a ghost/devil creature.

    B. Don't even panic. Stop an asses the situation. You'll find out that that ghost was actually a tree with a blanket stuck in it, if you just straight up approact the object that's making you fearful.

    If I see anything out of the ordinary, i'm always trying to catch it. Thought I saw a very weird creature, so I chased that shit. Never caught it, but it was most likely a fox/racoon. People get so involved in the whole ghost thing, and want to believe that it's truthful. It plays into your fear, so you're more likely to believe in it.

    I bet half of the people reading this thread have started to feel a little erie, maybe even start to hear a noise/see things out of the ordinary.
    Now, I'm not saying that you're all lying. I'm just saying that MAYBE there are different solutions for what you spotted. If you're already scared shit-less about a certain topic, you'll believe that you've spotted the devil when really it's a deer.

    Now the story about the book scares me a little bit, because well. IDK, it just is giving me goose bumbs haha.

    But a chick screaming in the hall way with nothing coming out?
    Why didn't you chill out, and keep looking at her. You paniced, and then she's gone when you look away. Keep eye contact, and say "Yo, you blaze?"
    Or what-ever you want. That's how I'm going to handle any of these crazy expirences.

    Now UFO's/Aliens, that's a completely different subject.
    I'm a believer in that, but ghosts and evil spirits coming back to haunt?

    If i ever see one i'm going to tell it to get a fucking life, smoke a pipe, and stop fucking haunting me. If you're not fearful of it, what's it got against you?
    Is it going to pick up a kitchen knife and cut off your leg?
    Maybe, but if that happens you'll either
    Be on Oprah, or be in a mental institution.
  17. I have more of a sixth sense story rather than a paranormal one but it still freaked me out. This was 2 years ago when i was 17 and i still lived in SC. i was sleeping and having an odd dream (idr what it was about) then i heard a voice in my head say "and then he heard a big bang" then i heard a big bang (lol) we never figured out what it was, we looked in the attic and everything, but yeah it kinda freaked me out that i knew it was going to happen right before it did (btw the voice didnt have a body but i pictured an older lady wearing like a white gown....ya weird)
  18. I've seen alot of Weird stuff over the last couple of years.

    The first ever experience i had was when i was about 9 years old. I was just laying in my bed looking down the hall..I turn over to the other side to check the time and when i turn back i seen something i never seen before in my life. My Dead brother sitting out on the couch *he was dead for 8 years before this*. I walked about 10 feet down the hall way..He did't Vanish or anything,He was wearing his flannel shirt but with a white robe on the bottom. He Had the wings. They were huge and feathering with white little sparkles in parts *kind of like THC crystals*.No shoes.No cuts.No broken neck.No mass amounts of blood coming out of mouth.Then after i looked at him for a minute he smiled and dissapeared into nothing. To this Day i still see Golden Orbs around sometimes.
  19. I was smoking on my front porch one's about 12:30am. It's nice and peaceful where I live, so I was enjoying the silence, hitting the bowl, and looking across the street at the wooded area (yeah I have no neighbors across the street) and in the midst of the soothing silence I hear a clicking noise (like an alien/ and or ethiopian would make) and I just started looking around. Well I kept hittin the bowl when out of the blue I hear something growling followed by an entire tree just falling down followed by crazy ass animals groans of another planet. I ran in the house, locked the door behind me, and just look at my sister who's sitting on the couch. She's like, "You alright?" and I looked at her with the most serious face and answered, "...Don't go out there"

    Now that is paranormal. lol. Probably just two bears screwing but even so..was not of the norm
  20. or 2 Bigfoots screwing?

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