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  1. So i have been interested in paranormal research for several years now and have had quite a few experiences. The other night I had the worst para experience I have ever had. A couple friends, my girlfriend, and I went to a couple hotspots before ending up in a cemetary where we have seen lots of experience. I sat down in front a grave and could sense a need for a thought to be expressed to me. I moved to where I felt it was coming from and found myself in front of a brother sister grave plot. I sat down and focused. I could definitely sense someone or something trying to express a great sadness to me. The feeling itself made me horribly sad but the fact that I couldnt understand it made it much much worse. I was very shaken from the whole experience and just kind of closed up for the rest of the night. I plan on taking a trip there with Will... my cohort in research and take along some quality audio recording equipment to see if I can recreate and record the experience.

    - If you want to see a few of our past pictures go here.
  2. whoa sounds to scary for me...
  3. what r u doin in a grave yard in the first place? to me, cemetarys are scary

  4. hey bud.. i went thru your whole site, and just thought id tell you most of your links are broken.
  5. WOW! That was really wierd.
  6. i know most of the links are broken we had a site previously and are just kinda sitting on geocities until we get a new domain.

    i dont find cemetaries scary at all anymore. i used to be terrified of them and then i became interested in paranormal research and started spending time in cemetaries and haunted houses and now there really isnt much of anything that can happen to scare me
  7. im not terrified of them lol....just i dont chill there, not my thing

  8. yes, yes they are.

  9. lmao...
  10. bumping 4 month old topics is fun

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