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  1. What's your opinion on this movie?

    I just watched it, and the alternate ending on the DVD is fucked up.
    To me, the movie wasn't scary at all, but still, that's some fucked up shit.

    [I watch horror movies for fun.]
  2. i didnt watch it..wen i went to go rent it..the dude at the video store said exactly this to me wen i walked up to the counter with it

    "Yo, Honestly..if u r scared by that movie, u a bitch ass *****"

    needless to say, i put the movie back n got somethin else
  3. It definitely wasn't even close to as scary as the commercials made it out to be. I don't think I jumped back even once.

    IMO, it was more of an entertaining watch/thriller thna a straight up horror.

    And most ghost/spirit movies creep the shit out of me...
  4. I laughed my ass off at it.
    But seriously, if that movie does scare anyone, they have no back bone.
    And in the commercials, they just showed audiences full of cowards getting scared.
  5. i was really disappointed by this movie. I agree that the commercials realllly hyped up the supposed "terror" of the movie, which in my opinion made the film itself quite a let down. That being said, the movie was very well done and the actors (especially for being no-names) did a fantastic job. Overall the movie wasnt scary, but it was well done and made for an entertaining hour and a half.
  6. I do feel like it was a bit of a let down but it does a good job at building up. Also I think it helps who you watch it with.
  7. Supposedly the film was one hundred percent true and the people in it were the ones who it was about.
    It's said that the film was their story that they caught on film before they died.
    At least that's what it said at the beginning of the movie.
  8. I don't think it's fair to call anyone a bitch if they jump easy at shit, I call that reflexes.

    I've seen all three endings, two of them weren't so bad. First hour of the movie could have been condensed into fifteen minutes though.
  9. There's three endings?
    There's just two on the DVD.
    I watched the alternate ending that was "too scary for theaters".
  10. The third one I believe was one where her best friend came to visit, then got killed whilist downstairs..few days later the cops come and she stands up and freaks out and the cops blow her away. The end #3
  11. I thought that was the original ending from 2007? Its the only ending I saw.

    Eh, either way, I liked the movie. I wont watch it again though so the other endings dont matter.

  12. Ah. Didn't see that one.
  13. only punk bitches got scurred by that movie
  14. well i went to theaters to that movie after probly smoking 3 grams of the some of the dankest weed I've ever smoked, i fell asleep during the movie, but during the first part i remember laughing alot....and when i woke up near the end of the movie i jumped idk from what i remember of it, it was a pretty well made movie :D

  15. As cool as it would be if it were true, i hate to say it isnt. The people in that film were actors (ive seen interviews done with both of them after the movie was made and became popular), and, believe it or not, both got the roles for the movie by responding to a post on craigslist about it. To the best of my knowledge the plot isnt based on any actual happenings either.
  16. I finally watched it about a four days ago. Honestly, I thought it was pretty dumb. Didn't entertain me, I hated the characters, and like you said.. Wasn't scary. I was hoping for something completely different.

    It was very slow; it'd be more enjoyable if I had liked the characters though. I don't think it's real at all.

    Love & respect to the people that did enjoy it though. :smoke:
  17. It is very loosely based on a police report.
  18. I wrote a review for this movie...PaRaNoRmAl AcTiViTy took scary movies to a new level! Unlike other scary movie which made you scream and shout this movie got in your head. This movie was not a jumpy movie where a quick change in camera action can make you scream. This movie had slow action that lead to the revelation of a demon possessed woman killing her loved one. This movie is scary because as you reflect on what you have seen you are terrified by the realization that demons and other entities are in our world to haunt and or to harm you. I was frightened that in the end this woman, Katie, became not only tormented but controlled by a demon!

    after watching this movie i attained an real phobia of demons(demonophobia) it didn't scare me in the theater but when i was alone yea i was pretty scared for a couple of weeks.
  19. Man I feel like a bitch.

    That movie honestly had me a little freaked for a while.

  20. I'm sorry. It has that chill factor that works on certain people.

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