Paranormal Activity 2

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  1. So who's going to see it?

    The first one scared the shit out of me.. This one doesn't look as good.. But I bet/hope it will be scary!

    I notice with the first one people were either totally freaked out or not scared at all.
  2. The first one was dope in my opinion...first movie of its kind. A lot of my friends didn't like it. I thought it was a little weird, but would definitely recommend it =D Haven't seen the previews for 2 yet, do they look any good?
  3. They look alright! Mostly having to do with a baby! hahaha! :laughing:

    [ame=]YouTube - Paranormal Activity 2 | OFFICIAL trailer US (2010)[/ame]

    Check out the rest of them on youtube too :D
  4. i didnt think the first one was scary, but i liked it anyways so ill probably see the second
  5. The first one was a blatant, outright insult to the world of horror, and this premature sequel just further proves the point that I'm sure many Blades will back me up on.

    I would sooner watch The Ring 3.
  6. eh.. I was expecting some one to say something like that lol..

    A lot of people feel that way.. But for me it was an amazing scary movie. The first movie in a real long time that made me freak out about noises in my house at night lol
  7. I thought Paranormal Activity was literally the worst movie I have ever seen. The entire time I was waiting for the climax, and when it ended I was still waiting for the exciting

    I didn't think any part of it was quality work.

  8. True words:smoke:
  9. I wasn't scared by it, I just thought the effects were pretty badass, and the fact that its the first movie of its kind.
  10. lol. My family wasn't scared either... But oh my life.. I was wayyyyyyy freaked out. It's so crazy to me that so many people hated it.. ha.. Cause I've always been one for horror movies.. and I can honestly say I've never seen a movie that scared me more :eek:

    Guess I'm alone on this one lol
  11. No i don't think you're the only one who got freaked at the first one, I did as well, thought it was really a slow starting show tho....i didn't get into it, till the chic was standing over her boyfriends bed for hours staring down at him....that freaked me out:eek:

    that movie wasn't made to impress anyone with special effects or whatever, it was made by the 2 ppl who starred it it, with a simple cam they put by there bed at nite and all the rest.....was to show hollywood, how cheaply a movie could be made and how many dollars could be made with it.....i forget how many dollars it took to release it, was a record low....and it didn't fare to bad

    i haven't seen the ads for the new one coming out, will have to see if it looks good enough to go tho....:smoke:
  12. It was really cheap for a movie. Like 10,000 maybe?

    Then made millions and millions on release.

    I loved the first Paranormal Activity but a sequel is just stupid people trying to cash in more on the idea of spending very little money to make a ton. Hopefully we don't got another Saw on our hands. I think the main reason people are critical of this movie is

    1. The ending

    2. The hype

    3. The camera technique

    4. The philosophy of the movie not showing much.

    I don't get the hate really it is actually a solid movie. The actors are decent, the writing is pretty good, it builds suspense well, just the ending was a fucking stupid Hollywood ending. But that was because of Hollywood.
  13. I actually heard that the original ending for the film was much better; it was described as the girl simply becoming possessed, killing her husband and eventually disemboweling herself with a kitchen knife.

    I might have enjoyed that one more, simply because it would have had more substance than a combination of Samara and the girl from The Exorcist attacking the camera. There was absolutely no mystique, or true horror, in that ending at all. Like you said though: Hollywood.

    I actually really enjoy that type of camera technique, I just thought they could have done so much more with the film as whole, even on such a low budget.
  14. I thought the first one was great, scared the snot outta me. They did a really good job playing on people's primal fears. I do understand why it gets a lot of hate though, slow, not a whole lot of action, if I wasn't already way into paranormal stuff I probably would have thought it sucked too.

    I don't know about #2 though, they might still have some of the jumpy aspects of it, but from what i gathered it's still the girl from the first one going on some rampage or something, I'm not really sure, but it sounded disappointing.

    Close, and yes, it was way better.

    The girl kills her boyfriend off screen, downstairs. You just hear him scream and then she walks into the bedroom with a knife in her hands and sits down on the floor next to the bed. She starts rocking back and forth, clearly in shock. Days go by on the timelapse, and she just sits there rocking. Finally, a friend comes over to check on her because she hadn't heard from her for days. You hear the friend scream after finding the boyfriends dead body (all off screen) and runs out and slams the door behind her. The police show up a short time later and find the girl in the bedroom, still rocking. They tell her to drop the knife, but she is still in shock and she is asking about her boyfriend. She stands up, the cops shoot her, movie ends.
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    I'm with Durchii on this one. The first one was a piece of shit, and reminded me way too much of Ghost Hunters. :rolleyes:

    I really don't like any horror movies based on spirits or demons or ghosts. :confused_2:
  16. People say this is the first of its kind and was scary...

    Umm, what about Blair Witch?
  17. What part of being older means it came first? :confused_2:
  18. ya i thought the first one was horrible and just a disgrace not scary at all, i literally wasnt scared at any given time watching that movie i almost left the theater

    they just used good marketing to get that peace of shit film across the world by showing people watching the movie in the commercials and telling you to demand it

    the second one will be even worse as the first one and i will never have the misfortune to watch it
  19. ^lol.. you mean serious business, huh? :p
  20. Ive never seen a movie that actually scared me till I saw the first one. Shit still gives me chills. I saw it at like 1 AM by myself in the dark. So crazy.

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