Paranoid while having sex

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  1. So my girlfriend and I were having some fun at one time and I was stoned outta my mind as she's giving me head. She was living at her parents house at the time and they are anti sex. So she stopped giving me head and was about to ride me when we heard a bang, I freaked out cause I was stoned, I hid behind her bed. Turns out it was her cat banging into the window.

    Blades and bladies do you have any stories like that?

    GrEeN dReAmS mother fucker
  2. Lol, did you at least get to finish your nut?
  3. Did the cat watch

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    Id lock eyes with that cat right when I climaxed, nothing like looking in to the eyes of a creepy feline as I unleash my seed.
  5. And she handed you the cat and said pussies finish with other pussies. Lol funny story man

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