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Paranoid when high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WilliamHBonneey, May 26, 2010.

  1. hey whats good i've been around either smoking or being around herb for along time and in the last 4-5 years i've been blazing heavily but in the last 2 years i've gotten this paranoia that i cant shake. It'll start as soon as i get high and wont go away for a few days it when i blaze it it feels like everyone's plotting against me and they wanna see me die or im going to die or something really bads gonna happen....does this happen to you or what did you do to shake it?
  2. Yea you're perfectly fine bro. Sometimes I get these odd feelings that I'm going to die and I see shadow people coming to kill me. I almost ended up killing my whole family when I was blazed! :eek:
  3. ^^ thats scary enough to make me wanna stop smoking not cool bro
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  4. It's fine it's just from the meth I have it under control.
  5. I haven't noticed pot paranoia to last a few days but I do get super paranoid when I'm high. I use film canisters to store my herb, and when I first started using them I was like super afraid that like the film chemicals were getting on my herb and that I was inhaling chemicals with my smoke, and I was super-paranoid one night that I was going to die; but here I am!

    I try to make sure I have no bad thoughts on my mind when I get high, and if I do I just find something on the internet to distract me and it usually goes away. Just gotta focus on keeping that stuff off your mind.
  6. I do occasionaly, for me though i just remind myself I'm high and it aint shit. Usually does the trick.
  7. Think about who you are around, and if you have any evidence that they are plotting against you. Think about it logically, you will probably find that you have no evidence to support that they are plotting against you and it is all in your head.

    As for something bad happening take more precautions. Smoke in a safe place. Set pieces on stable surfaces.
  8. Just have to relax and understand no one wants to kill you or
    anything man, mabey when you smoke you should smoke alone
  9. I know I get paranoid but I also kind of get social anxiety high or not, so I can't always tell which is which. I usually deal with it by just smoking in my room doing whatever, but other than that I don't know what to tell you.
  10. It's just like when your having a bad trip man, bad thoughts just clogged your mind for a little while..

    Just take a breath deep, tell yourself your gonna be fine, and remember, NO ONE has died from overdosing on weed. Keep positive when your smoking bro. If all else fails just take a little break man.

  11. yeah i wouldn't blame almost killing your whole family on paranoia from weed.
  12. #1. Since the paranoia obviously lasts beyond your high, I would almost suggest that you have some other deeper issues going on here.

    #2. If you want to get rid of paranoia, try having sex or masturbating when you're high next time.:D
  13. Maybe you should take a good look at your self and ask why your friends would want you to die?

    Are you a dick to all your friends? If not, They probably like you and just want to smoke.
  14. I got this severe chest pain/pressure right after I blew out a hit. Everytime I took a breath it felt like someone was squeezing my heart. I remember reading that you become 500% (5 times) more likely to go into cardiac arrest when THC enters your system.

    I actually thought that if I kept breathing my heart would explode. I took tiny half breathes the rest of the night and woke up feeling totally fine. It's hard to say, because you could be high and something actually goes terribly wrong.

    Just take heed of the situation and really analyze it; don't over think. If you know that you are fine, but having thoughts of doubt, just be chill - pack another.

  15. i used to keep my weed in film canisters but i stopped when i heard it wasnt good for you. the canisters are not food grade and i guess there can be some contamination (probably not much tho).

    i just ran across some weed a friend had that made me feel kinda paranoid and believe me, thats saying alot. ive been smoking organically grown white widow and blueberry for the past few months and no matter how much i smoke i never feel anything but really good and happy.
  16. I don't think the THC can enter your system so quickly that you have a chest pain the second you exhale.

    and I think the 5x more likely to go into cardiac arrest is bullshit.
  17. I was high and it was my last hit, right as I finished exhaling everytime I took a breath it felt like my heart was just gonna give - like someone pulling on a rubber band till it snaps. Since I was high my mind started racing and of course I came up with crazy ideas ;).

    And the increased heart rate is so severe that it equals out to a human being becoming 5 times more likely for your heart to stop. Whether this is true or not the increased heart rate is something the heavier, unhealthier stoners should consider.
  18. bump its been 3 years since i first posted this wow thats wild haha i can say that i've almost shook the paranoid part but then again i haven't honestly i still get paranoid and i still think people are plotting to kill me but i think its the life style i live and the people i did surround myself with since posting this i've cut ties with alot of people in my life and tried to start living more down to earth and conscious and i've come to terms with the fact that everyone will die one day so if its by someone you know old age or retaliation theres not much you can do fuck it is how i think now and its helped alot when blazing or being out in heavy populated places but sometimes ill get a really intense paranoid trip i think its social anxiety mixed with other things ive done (molly acid etc.) but also as i said before that the people and life i live just wanted to know if anyone else had any comments on it?
  19. If you got shit in your life that you're worried/stressed about, that's the only time I've heard of people having bad highs, because people over think shit when they're high.
  20. yeah maybe thats what it is

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