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Paranoid that neighbors see me smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by herny, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. i live with parents atm in a neighborhood and im paranoid when i smoke at night and i think what if they see me smoke?

    maybe im just overthinking
  2. Yeah, your are overthinking. If you're being discrete and your neighbors happen to see you taking a toke, I doubt they'd do anything unless they are utter and complete douchebags. I do it every night in my backyard. Just toke somewhere where no one can see you if you're that paranoid.
  3. You're overthinking. What are they gonna do? Call the cops? I think they would have to be 100% sure that it's marijuana you're smoking and not just a cigarette for them to do something like that. If you're still worried, just smoke somewhere else.
  4. Dont smoke where people can see. If people do see, you're simply smoking cigarettes.
  5. im on the second floor in my bedroom and there are a few houses thru the trees that could possibly see
  6. I kind of doubt they would see you through some trees and stuff but I'm not sure since I don't know what it really looks like. If you're inside just turn off the light in your room and they wont be able to tell if its at night.
  7. Lol, i'm always paranoid that when i'm boxing the people in the houses see me. :smoke:
    Do you guys think that people even look around for suspicious cars parked near them?
  8. You need to read the just got caught thread or the advice to apprentice; A lot of tokers get busted in their bedrooms. Get outside. Find an excuse or make a new habit of taking a nightly walk. Hell invite the rents to join in (on the walk). They likely wont join you, but if they do, wear them out, drop them off, fire up. Maybe start a dog walking service? :smoke:
  9. I'm sure they got better shit to do.
    If they call the cops on you, call the cops on them for peering into your fuckin windows
  10. My neighbors see me vape and smoke on my back porch all summer long. I usually have some headphones on and rocking out some tunes. Don't care if they like it or not, never asked.
  11. depends how well your yard is set up, the age of your neighbors, and the time of night.
    you can make sure that your yard has high fences, or your smoking spot is protected by trees. also it's actually better if your neighbors are older, because I find that all of my middle-aged to elderly neighbors always go to sleep very early and usually STAY asleep. Also their eyes aren't that good to see you in the dark. you also gotta make sure that it's sufficiently late in case somebody might be out and about.
  12. I used to smoke either my bong or pipe every night on the back deck. People could see if they tried, but nobody ever cared to look. I wouldn't worry about the neighbours complaning unless you're like 14
  13. Lots of old people have a terrible since of smell too. So they might think it smells like weed, but triple guess themselves and forget about it.

    Here's a weird phenomenon for me, I can smoke outside at a friends house, and not care about the neighbors at ALLLLLL. But when it comes to my house, if I just want to get a single hit, I'm scared everyone will see, and call in the police. If only I could learn some way to apply my friends-house-mentality to my house.
  14. well it does help that I have a walled-off dog area that's totally protected xD

  15. Ya well that's another option, you could set your dogs on the neighbours. :hello:
  16. that, I like. but usually my dog gets attracted to pot smoke and won't leave xD
  17. fuck the neighbors, they don't know its weed, and unless they are family friends or something, who gives a shit if they think the neighbor boy is smokin weed
  18. [​IMG]

    THEY ALL KNOW!!! SHIT!!!!!

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