paranoid stoner vs. paranoid drug dealer?

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  1. so i IMed my dealer from who i used to buy from awhile back. i used to buy from him a lot, but then i found out that his friend, which was also my dealer, was skimping me. i bought from his other friend more. i was cool with him, but not with his friend since he was skimping me. i've bought from them for about two years. then after that incident, i stopped.

    so well, i IMed him today just asking if he's still willing to sell to me. right off the bat the first thing he says to me was "how much," didnt even say hi. so, i replied i want an eight. then he says he doesnt do 8th. wtf?! never in two years has he said that. i told him i called him cell said he changed his number, but then at the end of the convo he says he'll call me from someone else's phone?! doesnt make sense. and then he starts questioning me because he thought i was a narc??? wtf? never because id be guilty as them (cuz i used to buy from them, lol). he starts questioning me about how i meet him. he wanted names, but i was reluctant at first because i didnt feel like syaing names cuz then i started thinking maybe he's the narc cuz he wanted names! he is acting very weird and what he's saying isnt adding up.

    so, am i just a paranoid stoner? or is he just being a paranoid drug dealer?! is it safe to buy from him still or not? iono, im high and i cant think straight and i kinda freaked myself out. lol
  2. That guy sounds like a pussy. If he doesn't sell eighth's then he obviously isn't working with any weight so he has no reason to be so paranoid.

    IMO he doesn't really sound like hes a narc but I still wouldn't buy from him if you have another connection. No point relying on an unreliable person...
  3. I think you're both being paranoid but it's hard to tell sometimes dealers get paranoid and freak out and that's why he doesn't make for buying from him it's hard to say i'm not involved enough to to decide...sorry:smoke:
  4. idunno, I get paranoid about this, too. like after my old dealer went to jail and texted me after he got out, I didn't wanna buy from him b/c I thought he might be a narc lol. I think you're right to be paranoid, I mean why would he be asking the names of your friends? And why wouldn't he sell an eighth? Either way, he's acting weird.
  5. Does he do more or less than eights?
  6. he said he's only doing 2 dubs for $30.

    thats a good deal, he used to give me that deal when i used to buy from him too. my current dealer sold me some crappy schwagg thats why i out-of-the-blue asked him if he was still willing to sell to me. and i dont wanna get that weed again, lol.

    i also called another dude, told me he would call me in an hour and never did. bitchassness!
  7. some of the convo:

    xMABUHAY (7:59:30 PM): how much for an 8th?
    xMABUHAY (7:59:40 PM): cuz i have shitty schwagg right now.
    :59:44 PM): lol
    8:00:02 PM): i dont do 8thd
    xMABUHAY (8:00:10 PM): why not?
    xMABUHAY (8:00:12 PM): lol
    8:00:18 PM): idk
    xMABUHAY (8:00:22 PM): what do you do then?
    :30 PM): lol
    xMABUHAY (8:01:09 PM): well, you dont have to sell to me if you dont want to.
    xMABUHAY (8:01:13 PM): cuz im getting that vibe right now
    :01:26 PM): how did we meet again
    01:28 PM): lol
    xMABUHAY (8:01:38 PM): why?
    :45 PM): im askin
    xMABUHAY (8:02:11 PM): it was, i think, black friday in '07?
    (8:02:27 PM): ,from whothough
    xMABUHAY (8:02:37 PM): why are you asking names?
    :02:48 PM): jus askin
    xMABUHAY (8:02:56 PM): this seems suspcisious to me right now.
    :03:04 PM): lol
    :19 PM): ur the one
    xMABUHAY (8:03:22 PM): cuz you never asked me these kinda questions
    03:34 PM): o its cuz
    03:39 PM): u sound like a narc
    xMABUHAY (8:03:46 PM): lol, what?
    xMABUHAY (8:03:50 PM): how?
    :03:52 PM): u sound like undercover
    :03:54 PM): idk
    xMABUHAY (8:03:56 PM): im not.
    xMABUHAY (8:04:00 PM): this is john right?
    :04:03 PM): ya
    :04:06 PM): how did we meet
    8:04:09 PM): from who
    xMABUHAY (8:04:18 PM): iono, really.
    (8:04:21 PM): lol
    xMABUHAY (8:04:23 PM): i asked my question who sold weed
    xMABUHAY (8:04:31 PM): and he was like "that guy with the beanie"
    xMABUHAY (8:04:36 PM): then i was like, okay.
    8:04:41 PM): who said that?
    xMABUHAY (8:05:05 PM): my cousin klein.
    (8:05:09 PM): o lol
    8:05:09 PM): ok
    xMABUHAY (8:05:13 PM): ???
    8:05:14 PM): well wat did u want again?
    xMABUHAY (8:05:18 PM): im confused now.
    (8:05:25 PM): nun
    (8:05:35 PM): well i got bomb if u need any
    8:05:43 PM): hooked up too
    (8:05:50 PM): but not an 8th or more
    xMABUHAY (8:06:04 PM): ohh
    xMABUHAY (8:06:17 PM): okay
    (8:06:33 PM): 2 dubs for 30
    xMABUHAY (8:06:50 PM): alright, cool.
    xMABUHAY (8:09:32 PM): so, how do i contact you?
    (8:10:07 PM): wen do u need it
    xMABUHAY (8:10:37 PM): before 5.
    (8:10:50 PM): tomorrow?
    xMABUHAY (8:10:59 PM): yeahh.
    (8:11:08 PM): ill call u from someones phone
    xMABUHAY (8:11:14 PM): okay.
    went away at 8:13:28 PM.
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    i would think in sj you could find better quality connects(even though thast a good deal)

    but i probly would call the other dude again because usually when i say im ganna call them back i never do becuase im busy, get high, ect.

    edit: just read the convo
    i say go for it:confused:
  9. por que amigo?!
  10. LOL. i think he's just way too paranoid.

    if he's your last resort, i think you'll be ok.
    i def. wouldn't buy from him regularly, though.
  11. if you know him persoanly i dont think hes a narc b/c narcs usally try and buy from you.
    and 2 dubs for 30$ figuring thier at least 1.6-2.0 mattering on your area but try meeting a new hook from one of your friends or at a party or some shit.
  12. thats what i was thinking too after calming down from my high. the part where he was asking for names and stuff just freaked me out. lol

    i just want some new bud and i dont wanna call my regular dealer cuz then it'll look like a huge pothead cuz i just bought a quad from him on Friday. lol
  13. he wont sell you an 8th, but he will sell you "2 dubs for 30$"???

    so he wont sell you an 8th, but he will sell you 2 'twently dollars worth of marijuana' for 30$


    sounds like a noob dealer to me.

  14. I know, that part really confused me. It makes no sense. I think your dealer might be dabbling in crack, Tiffany lol.
  15. you asked the same question twice, lol!

    well, he mostly sells xtc and when he was my regular dealer, he'd always sell his bud for that kinda price. he sells more xtc pills than marijuana. he's not a noob. i think he just wants to get rid of it.

    well, right now im beginning to think so too because of how paranoid he is benig with me. he should trust me by now cuz ive known him for two years, he's friends with my cousin, and im not a snitch. i wouldnt be surprised if he did crack.
  16. Sounds like you were talkin to his mom or someone. Tryin to figure out who to keep him from hangin with. They might try to get you "Taken off the streets" I wouldn't do it.
  17. i highly doubt that. his parents already know about his drug selling and i think have given up on him to stop cuz he never does. he's been caught a lot of times. he's still in high school, lol.
  18. i think one reason you may have sounded like a narc was because you asked this is john right?
  19. look again, I asked them differently to highlight the dealers noobness
  20. Haha, if your dealer is pissed that you buy quads from him every few days then he should move on to a different business...also what kind of dealer judges his clients, he's the one pushin weight.

    Anyway, I think your guy was acting sketchy but I'd go through with the deal if your regular guy is selling schwag.

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