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Paranoid only on certain strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GashouseHotshot, May 9, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking daily for about two years and I've only been paranoid after smoking once when I first started but I came across some Gorilla Glue (strain) and every time I smoke it I get extremely paranoid. I mean constantly checking my rearview, turning the Radio down cause I keep "hearing things" at one point I was going to my friends house and almost turned around because I got a bad feeling about it but I know it's just the high. I smoked GSC and was just fine. I only get really paranoid on gorilla glue. Is this normal?
  2. Strains with strictly high THC and a disproportionate mix of other cannabinoids give me paranoia.
  3. It's maybe because the gorilla glue is a hybrid and maybe is just too much for you, were as GSC is a indica dominated hybrid, meaning that it's more of a relaxing type high, where as hybrids are 50/50
  4. Some potent sativa dominant strains can take you straight to the moon. Weed is the best.

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  5. I think certain strains just react weirdly for certain people. I was excited to try some UW, only to find out that I had nightmares literally every time I smoked it. Like five out of five times. Maybe some of it's in my head, but I'm never smoking that stuff again. Maybe you've just put yourself in a state of mind where Gorilla Glue is going to make you paranoid. But if the result of smoking GG is that you're going to get paranoid, it doesn't really matter why it's happening.
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  6. If the percentage of THC in the bud is very high and especially if you smoke a large quantity it could trigger an anxiety response or of course make you paranoid. When or if your smoking that strain again try smoking less of it (like 1 bowl instead of multiple for example) and maybe you'll have a better time hopefully. If not try another strain possibly. Good luck to you : )
  7. We have tried a lot of strains and since my wife medicates for migraines she is picky on what she smokes. That being said if we find a wild strain she is not compatible with we mix it with another or I'll smoke it. It's usually a Sativa strain I'll use during the day. I can get things done around here and still get relief from pain.
  8. Talked to a grower about a very paranoid strain and he said it was likely because he cultivated early. The trichs were still clear and a week out from turning.
    Seemed to make sense.
    Anyone add to this from experience?
  9. I haven't smoked any of the Gorilla Glue since. I've decided to just not get that again. I haven't been paranoid on any other strain at all
  10. Every time, without fail, should I smoke Green Crack or Sour D, I trip balls to the extent of being a kid in King Arthur's Court...I shit you not.

    Sometimes that can be a bit of a mindfuck, you know? Cheers!
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  11. I actually really like sour d. First strain I ever tried that wasn't street bud. I don't think I've ever smoked green crack but I'm pretty sure I've heard one of my friends mention it

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