Paranoid - how can I order seeds?

Discussion in 'Security' started by rightmeow, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I've bought seeds online before, but had them shipped to my apartment. The turnover rate in apartments is so high that plausible deniability is there. I even picked a former tenant to have it "shipped to"....

    But now I'm in a house. What can I do to minimize my exposure?

    (btw, before you suggest it, I don't want bag seed.)
  2. Prepaid debit card or have a friend you trust buy it for you and pick the package up at his house...?
  3. I'm paranoid enough not to trust anyone. Plus I don't want friends getting unwanted attention.
  4. Well, most growers use a prepaid card and use a different address and intercept the package.
  5. Most (probably 99%) of the prepaid cards will not work for international purchases...
  6. Just ball up son.
  7. Are you in a medical state? Or know friends in one?

    Easier to obtain clones/seeds from a club then interwebs I believe.
  8. this one does after you receive the actual card not just the temp one. but you would have to intercept two packages. (the card and then the seeds) look under help at "Is there any place I cannot use my Temporary Card?" You will have to contact them if you want to confirm that they allow out of US ordering online. But they do.
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    You are giving way to much credit to authorities. Just use your regular credit card and order to your address, worst comes to worst your seeds will get stopped on the border...But no one will come to arrest you, they have way more important things to do now days , than setting up some dude with 10 seeds... This is not the best way, but chances of you getting in trouble are extremely slim.
    P.S.How many people do you know who got arrested for downloading pirated software, music and movies ? That is right - 0 . Ordering seeds practically the same thing...

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