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Paranoid dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stuart Pot, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Do you guys have these? My main dealer always asks a bunch of personal questions to make sure it's me even though I buy an eighth from him every week or so.. and he never picks up when I call for some reason, only lets me text him :mad:
  2. I have to ask mine before I give any of my friends his number, but other than that he's not that paranoid.
  3. do you buy from bodegas?
    [ame=]Half Baked-Hey Black Ass - YouTube[/ame]

    haha nah man i know what you mean, Ive encountered them but my current dealer, no
  4. My one particular friend is far more paranoid than any dealer I've bought from.
    They nearly piss themselves if a cop passes by while they're carrying bud.
    ...Granted, I was that way when I first started.
    But they've been smoking for years compared to my 4-5ish months.
  5. Lmao thats too funny. Personal questions.

    I've had paranoid dealers but never that paranoid.
  6. Yeah one of my dealers is ridiculous, One time he sold to me at the huge football game out in the parking lot and i had a friend with me that smoked too. Anyways he starts flipping shit and starts yelling "If you bring anyone again i'm not dealing to you anymore got it?" in the middle of a busy ass parking lot with people every where including cops. It was his idea to deal there and he just attracted a shit load of attention. Anyways till this day i still look back and laugh at how idiotic he was.
  7. Well If I was illegally trafficking large amounts of a schedule one drug I would probably get a little paranoid too.

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