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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. You know the old saying, "Its not paranoia if they really are out to get you."? Well what effect do you think it will have on pothead paranoia after legalization? I know it is a psychoactive as as such can effect your thoughts like that but how much of that is influenced by the fact that they are actually trying to lock us in a cage for no reason at all? I think for me personally any anxiety or paranoia I feel after smoking now is only brought on by prohibition and the fear of incarceration or loss of my job! Im not worried about some delusional shit that my stoned mind thinks may happen. Im not unjustifiably paranoid, you assholes really do want to harm me when Ive done nothing wrong!:mad:

    Of course we're paranoid, I dont want to be beaten up, tazed, maced and thrown in jail:mad:
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    Why is everybody staring at me??

    EDIT - I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone, but after you've been doing this long enough, there's no paranoia. I never feel that way any more but I also don't take chances in public.
  3. The few times I've gotten paranoia have been after I was a rather seasoned toker, and was completely unrelated to weed.

    I was doing 80 in a 65 and a song came on with a siren in it. I looked in all three mirrors at once. I was flipping shit, because they were mad at me and after me and I can't get outta this shit. But it wasn't about weed.
  4. Im legitimately paranoid as you know, but if it were to be legalized, it would take a huge chunk of that out.

    I am scared of law enforcement, but I have anxiety of just about everything.
  5. I don't understand getting paranoid... just smoke inside... do people really think the cops are going to bust down their doors and arrest them? What the hell are you smoking
  6. hmm welll when u have a qp + on you you have a right to be paranoid in matter of fact little there's something wrong with you not being a little paranoid at the risk of a felony....
  7. As long as I'm in my house I don't see what there is to be worried about.
  8. That's why you keep what is enough for a felony charge in your bat cave and whats not on your night stand
  9. What many people don't know about the main cause of getting high, increased dopamine, is that it is also the cause of paranoia in schizophrenics. In most cases, like mine, you won't notice any paranoia until daily use of at the least a few months. Thats due to the fact that a spike in a neurochemical such as dopamine, sustained for long periods of time, will begin too trigger latent disorders or panic attacks. According to my psychiatrist studies done in countries with the holy herb legal still seem to show the same data as that done in illegal countries. It's just one of those things with deciding if mj is right for you or not. :eek:
  10. Paranoia when you're high isn't always to do with the fact that it's illegal. Sometimes if it's night and I'm outside blazing by myself I'll start thinking about the resources I have around me if somebody comes out of nowhere and tries to kill me. That's paranoia brought on by the high lol.
  11. I blamed weed for some anxiety issues I had a while back, turns out it was nothing to do with weed at all. The last 12 months I smoked dank more consitently than any year prior (20 years on the herb) and the last 12 months I have suffered zero anxiety.

    Im not saying weed isnt a problem for the brain, just that when the shit hits the fan its always the first/easiest thing to blame.

    If you suffer weed related paranoia legalisation isnt the soloution cos you'll just find somthing else to be paranoid about. I personally am more concerned about the effect cannabis has on my lungs than the legal side of things.
  12. Get your facts straight dude, cannabinoid receptors do not affect dopamine production in any direct or significant level. Shit like heroin messes with your dopamine levels, hence the high potential for abuse and addiction.

    And your psychiatrist is talking about studies done in COUNTRIES with marijuana legal? How many such places do you know of? Gimme a break lol
  13. Really man? Have you studied in an area at a university for 8 years to recieve a medical license? I bet not, I bet you barely made through grade school. I doubt you have even made an attempt to research any of the effects of marijuana at all. Dopamine and the Dependence Liability of Marijuana These are some of the key closing paragraphs....The findings of Tanda et al and de Fonseca et al add considerably to the scientific knowledge about marijuana's abuse potential and dependence liability, and should help scientific evaluations of marijuana abuse potential relative to other known drugs of abuse. Marijuana's characteristic effects, and its therapeutic applications, were finally explained by the discovery and mapping of the cannabinoid receptor system. (Devane, 1988; Herkenham and Lynn, 1990; Howlett et al, 1990) Lack of deaths by overdose from marijuana is explained by a lack of receptors in areas of the brain controlling breathing and the heart. (Herkenham and Lynn, 1990) Tolerance to marijuana is not related to dependence but to a down-regulation of receptor sites in response to repeated, heavy doses of cannabinoids. (Oviedo, et al, 1993; de Foncesa, 1994) Mild withdrawal symptoms following cessation of heavy marijuana use are produced by Corticotropin-Releasing Factor (CRF), a chemical accompanying withdrawal anxiety associated with other drug. (de Fonseca et al, 1997) Indirect stimulation of dopamine transmission by cannabinoids may help explain why some users of marijuana also abuse other drugs. (Gardner and Lowinson, 1991; Tanda et al, 1997) Cannabinoids may activate some opiod receptor systems in the brain (Gardner and Lowinson, 1991; Tanda et al, 1997) without the dangers of depressing heart and lung rate (Herkenham and Lynn, 1992). The relatively low dependence liability that accompanies marijuana use by many individuals observed by Hollister (1986) and others is consistent with the failure to establish self-administration in animal models. (Mansbach, 1994) These and other findings constitute a major advance in scientific knowledge about marijuana; in retrospect very little was known before 1988 about the mechanisms behind marijuana's effects on the brain.

    All of these findings provide explanations for previously observed phenomena. They put to rest claims that marijuana has no dependence liability and is somehow different in this respect from other recreational drugs, and also they should put to rest the notion that when scientists finally figure out what marijuana does in the brain they will prove the worst fears of the last generation. Instead marijuana is just as it was perceived in 1970 when the Controlled Substances Act was passed, producing mild dependence in some heavy users, but otherwise producing less symptoms of dependency than alcohol or tobacco. (See U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News, 1970).

    Ending with... These recent findings on marijuana have revolutionized understanding of marijuana and the risks associated with marijuana use. They add to the evidence that supports the case for a new assessment of marijuana's abuse potential by the federal government and a reconsideration whether marijuana satisfies the criteria for prohibited schedule I status. A fair reconsideration in accordance with the existing legal and scientific standards could greatly improve the coherency of existing drug policy, which rests on the premise that marijuana has a similarly high potential for abuse as heroin and cocaine.

    Your a dumbass... get YOUR facts straight and quit being an ignorant retard.

  14. You're

  15. go to amsterdam and see if your paranoid.
  16. last night when i was walking home after a pesh i started thinking what if bus drivers stalked kids and i was worried that the bus driver that drops me near my house followed me home and waited outside my house and staked the place out. When my mind starts coming up with paranoid thoughts i just let them flow and see where they go because ther so fucking stupid and random and they make me laugh when i look back onm em
  17. Whenever I get paranoid I just smoke more and forget about it lol

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