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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EVL420, May 3, 2010.

  1. has bit me big

    i was blazed last night and at around 11:15pm i get a knock on my door, it was one of my neighbors i guess (live in old apartment complex). so i clean my shit up and put away real quick, and answered the door but he was gone when i opened it up. so i stick my head out for a few minutes, make some noises and see if anyone comes down, but no one did. i hear talking and music (pretty sure there were a group of people drinking and shit) but i swear i heard them talking about weed and i swear i even heard grow op thrown in there...but not entirely sure.

    so by now i am freakin out, thinking they somehow smelled the bud and were gonna call the popo...but i havent heard crap since.

    now i am even too paranoid to smoke, i keep thinking someones watching me. AND ITS FINALS WEEK!!! i dont think i can go all week without smoking!

    FML...hate living in old apartments

    it has been 19 hours since i last smoked and i am already bored out of my fucking mind.
  2. Holy shit man

    maybe they smoke weed though. I dont know if people outside our pot smoking community use the term 'grow op' but could be
  3. its probably fine. If you haven't heard anything yet your probably fine, maybe they were curious because they smoke and smelled something.
  4. Do you know your neighbors well? Would there be any reason else why they would knock on your door? How do you know it wasn't a friend?

    Your mind plays tricks on you when you're paranoid, take words you can't hear clearly and make you believe they said something else. Another scenario is it was a saturday night last night, they were playing loud music, they might had been smoking and talking about smoking too.

    The cops aren't gonna break down your door because a neighbor said they thought they smelled weed.. Besides they wouldn't even know if the smell of weed was coming from your apartment could had been anyone.

    If you're so paranoid, make a sploof outta an empty toilet paper or napkin roll and dryer sheets, or blow your smoke out the window and get some lysol or febreeze or incense, or use a combination of all of these or just blaze up in your car quick and go inside.
  5. no i dont know them at all, thats why its scaring me...i know it wasnt a friend cause i snuck a peep through the peep hole.

    oh and i wasnt smoking, i was vaping out of my Magic Flight Launch Box...and i have a pretty powerful air freshner running while in sesh.

    i have been vaping this whole semester and i actually was smoking all last semester, sometimes with a sploof and sometimes not. so i wanna tell myself that they didnt smell anything but anything is possible...i mean since i dont know them then i dont know if they smell it or not.
  6. Lol, I wish There was a hidden tape on you freaking out lol, I hate when i start trippin and nothing is going on
  7. Are you growing, do you even have a reason to be paranoid? If all you're doing is smoking then just relax, you're fine, what is the worst that happens? Even in some of those redneck ass states it's not a huge deal.
  8. Btw do u live on school in a dorm or?
  9. #9 Acid Raindrops, May 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2010
    Well if you were vaping then that's even more reason to not be so paranoid.
    If a neighbor mentions the smell to you, tell them you were making popcorn for a movie, because it kinda smells like popcorn.
    For all you know, the people next door partying might had ordered pizza and they knocked on the wrong door.
  10. lmao, i can see that convo.

    knock knock knock, hey are you smoking weed, nah man just making popcorn, oh why are your eyes all bloodshot, uhhhh popcorn?

    and Qued, i live in an off campus apartment complex even though its right across the street lol.

    and no i am not growing, i love the shit out of smokin weed but i dont have money to be paying a fine or even spend a night in jail. and i rather not have my parents find out, even though they grew up in the 70s i still dont think they would be understanding.

    i think after family guy is over i will fire up the air freshner and hit the magic box again
  11. Lol, well it'd be a different situation if you were actually combusting weed, because combusted weed is a really distinct smell, vaping smells nothing like combusted weed unless you have the temp too high.
    They have nothing to accuse you of, it doesn't smell like weed, they didn't see any weed. Someone calling the cops because they think they smelled burnt popcorn and their neighbor had bloodshot eyes is laughable.
    Don't sweat it.
  12. Haha that would be pretty funny
  13. maybe someone said "grow up" to somebody else and you just heard it wrong?
  14. i dunno it was right after i opened the door i swear i heard maybe its a grow op or i dont know anything about grow op...i dunno!

    LEGALIZE IT then we wont get the paranoia!
  15. I think you should vape some weed. :smoke:
  16. Maybe they wanted to buy some weed?
  17. def just vaped/finishing right now...

    its awesome and not i space off and be high then i hear a noise, then space off again, and hear a

    i wish they would have bought some...i have an oz right now...:)

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