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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smoking Buddah, May 3, 2004.

  1. i get overly paranoid with pot any more, to the extrnt that it scares me to use it.... so i was wondering if there are any drugs that either have a lesser paranoia or don't cause it at all.
  2. Opium has no paranoia and it is similar to weed, but slightly different. Only problem is it's addiction potential and you can overdose on it. There aren't many drugs you can do regularly that aren't addictive and arent bad for you. It might just be the weed you have, but you can try to keep smoking and get over it. Or take a long break from weed and then start again.
  3. Shrooms aren't addictive and you can't od on them. Though you can have a bad trip if you're in a bad state of mind during your trip. Salvia is a good alternative too but nothing like marijuana, from what I understand the trip can be quite intense, enough to make you lose track of reality.
  4. i'm asking this because i had an extremely bad experiance with pot the other day (thursday night) and it sent me to the hospital. it was mainly paranoia and it made me feel like i was falling and i was hearing extremely loud noises they weren't there. Very painful to say the least.
  5. I would say shrooms. I tripped twice last week, and both times were so fukin fun! I was really nervous the first time too, but it was one of the most fun experiences of my life, and I reccomend everyone try them.

    The best thing for shrooms is being in a good mood when you eat them, and having a good environment around you, like a nice day outside with a few friends. Next time I plan to drink about three shots of rum before eating the shrooms, since a little booze puts me in such a great mood, I figure I'll have a euphoric trip. Try it, have fun!
  6. well to tell you the truth, i have never felt paranoid while blazed, iam not sure if it has to do that i really dont think about bud giving people that feeling, so if u wanna give it another shot, just clear ur mind of all thoguhts that ur gunna get paranoid, cus ive heard that the most reasone for peeps having diferant highs, is because they have ceratain expectations,

    and i wouldnt know about any other good drugs besides shrroms man

    good luck

  7. Man I swear I get the worst paranoia ever when I blaze. :(
  8. I can get pretty paranoid, but it's never over anything big... But I guess that's bad, because who would get as paranoid as I do over something simple?... Anyways most of the time, I get to the point where I say screw it, and just do what I do and ignore it. Then when it's all over, you realize it was just in your head, and next time it doesn't bother you much at all.

    I only get paranoid when I'm in a public place, then I go into a room or around a corner, and don't want to go back where there's people.... But how in the hell am I gonna get out of there without going past them all?! You could climb out a window, or you have two other ways of getting past them all 1; Act like you don't really notice them and stare at objects on the walls as you casually walk by the people 2; Walk fast and don't stop, push through them all like a football player.
    None of them are normal choices... But you just don't feel like you can act normal and the paranoia stops you from doing it right. I'd go for the window aproach... Once you're outside you'll feel great, with all the open spaces and freedom of movement.
  9. To beat the paranoia, you must adjust the location of tokage. If you were by yourself in a cabin in the woods, ...hmmmm bad example. If you were at home alone, parents and authorities out of the picture, and you had no way of being caught you probably wouldn't be paranoid at all. I think the paranoia is only experienced because marijuana is illegal and you can go to jail for possessing it. However, those feeling of falling and hearing loud noises should be alarming to you. Either you just freaked out randomly, you got some laced pot, or the marijuana may be bringing out symptoms of a mental illness that you may be genetically prone to. I don't mean to alarm you, but you may want to seek the advice of a professional.
  10. i dunno, for a while i was a little iffy on driving high or smoking while driving... but now we just smoke anytime.... i dont get as high as i used to so i dont mind smoking a few j's while driving... today i got a little scared, friends taking the last hit on the roach and i look over and see a cop, dont think he noticed but after it was a pretty good laugh!
  11. i don't think you all understand, i wasn't scared of people or anything.... it made me feel like i was dieing, and it was scarey.... not like monsters jumping out or the idea of some one chasing you, more like you don't want to die but you feel it happening.
  12. Haha, back when I started smoking I always got paranoid when we were smoking the joint/pipe. If we were in like a park, I woulda keep hearing things and looking behind me and shit. And I would make sure nobody ever saw me.

    Now I dont even care, Ive smoked blunts just riding down the sidewalk on my bike past old ladies, teenagers, whatever. Ive smoked at concerts, near other people, in cars, wherever. Just away from the cops. No more paranoia.
  13. I still get paranoid and i've been smoking for 3 years now. I don't smoke when I drive or anywhere in public, and I don't carry my pot on me. That helps. However, the other morning I got home from work at 6am, and I smoked a bong in my boyfriend's basement. After. we went outside to smoke a cig. There were three cop cars parked at Hardee's next door. That scared me a bit.

    Oh, and the dying thing. Sometimes if I get really blazed I start to feel like I'll forget to breathe if I don't concentrate, or I close my eyes and feel like I've left the world and wonder if that's what dying feels like. So maybe just don't get so stoned.
  14. One of my friends used to get really paranoid when he smoked. It was really hard to calm him down he'd always freak out. He stopped for 3 weeks and hasn't had it happen to him since. I'd say a break is all ya need.
  15. change your environment man.. i used to be paranoid but not anymore. i just blaze where i feel safe.
  16. dammm son i was home alone smoking this really strong shit for the first time. i got soooo fucked up i was sitting in my bad holding my earz hearing loud nioces and i went to the bathroom and i have a chinup bar and a shirt was hangin and i thought it was a person and i got sooo scared but then i realized it was a shirt i almost had a haeartattack
  17. ^ yeah man, that's exactly how it was for me, i was hearling really really loud noises and it was hurting my ears!!!!
  18. Just dont smoke everything you have at once. Try to build it up a little over the night (or day) This way you are in complete control of how high you get and you can stop whenever it gets too intense...if you smoke a whole lot in a short time you can easily get too much...

    But it could also have another reason, hard to say offcourse

  19. I'm really not helping you with this, but the paranoia is already in your head before you toke up. It just gets worse as your senses and brain party with the THC. Unless you've got a relaxed attitude to begin with it's no use tring other drugs to see if they work better for you. Cannabis is the best choice.

    I've been smoking for 8 years and to begin with me and my friends used to hide out in the basement or outdoors. Just seeing other people freaked us out! Today I smoke a phat one and ask my mom to borrow the car, and she does'nt even know I toke up. (even though I'm 25 I haven't told her yet)

    My advice to you is, start up with very small J's to begin with and walk around in public. Use shades or clear-eyes if you want. But talk to people and hang out. You'll soon enough realize that even if you were stoned out of your mind, there's still people who couldn't see it on you. Only stoners will know your on weed.

    It's about relaxation and confidence. No hokus pokus. So stay off hard drugs, pot is all you need;)

  20. if im not mistaken ... psilocybin is a poison .. and in fact you go through a mild food poisoning before you trip.. so technically you can od on shrooms.... you would just have to eat an extraordinary amount.. correct?

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