Discussion in 'General' started by bigloser, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. I was wonderin how to get rid of the whole paranoia thing, I dunno if it's just me or what. Thanks lol.
  2. change your enviroment. if youre gettin noid, obviously youre not comfortable with your surroudings
  3. I've never really had the paranoia thing, maybe a little bit when I first started smoking. I think it might not even be an actual side effect of the drug at all, just the fear of getting caught that most people experience! When you're new the whole process can be pretty freaky. I don't know if you're a new smoker, but I think after you get more comfortable smoking it usually just goes away.

  4. A combination of maturity and experience have the biggest play.. The more time you've been smoking, the less you will seem paranoid.
  5. I'm hardly ever paranoid, I find it halarious when someone get's paranoid as shit (especially if it's common for them).
  6. with me its more of a startled "deer in headlights" deal than anything else. ill get really jumpy for a few seconds then i get back to smokin (it only seems to hit me when the bowl has just been passed to me)
  7. I get jumpy, I smoked at a chics house last night and I had to be home at like 9:30, so were chillin in her room and im stoned and I look at the clock and it says 9:47 and Im halfway out the house before she tells me its the wrong time god that was embarassing. I just dont like getting caught tahts all
  8. Man smokin shouldnt get one paranoid? Its got alot 2 do with were ya smokin and who with, the situations, and basiclly life it self. The longer one smokes the better one handles the stone. iv been smokin 4 over 20 years now and i still get i could tell some stories but i ive been doped 2 the eye balls and been in some situations some good some,some bad Any way bong on thats what im doing Greentoker
  9. weed just intesnfys your feelins.. if u feel happy/gigly thats how ur gonna be when high.. if u are sad/scared that how u will be 10x
  10. My friends call me paranoid, but I think I'm just cautious, and they're too brazen. Now if we're chilling at someone's place then I'm fine, but it's when we're out in public that I'm saying stuff like "Slow down, dude, speed limit's 40!" I've never been caught and I aim to keep it that way!
  11. only time i get paranoid is if I'm smoking in public or with people I dont know.
  12. But I don't like handling the stone! :( I want it to mess with my head! I seriously miss that! Sativas seem to give me that buzz I enjoy, indicas not as much so...but people get paranoia more easily from sativa strains due to the raciness of the high.
  13. i used to get the paranoia deal, but then i stopd for alittle and when i started up again i had a better attitude and it was alot better then. now i have a prblm that my tolerance has gone up all of a sudden and i need alot more to smoke then i used to, i dont like that as much cause it means i need to spend more money.:(

  14. No way, sketchy situations will make any seasoned toker paranoid! I can be totally relaxed and chill in some places, but when me and some buds go toke in parking lots etc. I get pretty damn paranoid!
  15. i hate riding the subway when i'm high cuz i just start looking at everything and i'm scared i might for some reason look like a retard.

  16. That's not true at all, when you smoke up and you're happy and giggly, you still stay happy and giggly, except maybe a little more uncontrollably happy and giggly. And when i'm sad, i smoke a bowl, and then i become a fucking giggling crackhead. Weed always makes me happy no matter what mood i'm in.

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