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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tophatandy, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. So, all the way through high school I never smoked. I think I might have once finishing up senior year. Its not that I didn't have access to it, just that I guess I was never curious about it until then.

    Well, I decided to buy a 25 and smoke me and a few friends up.
    It was my first time, and it was sweet. Of course, I was paranoid about my parents (they were strict, and very conservative), but the high was good.

    Now I am on my own, and smoke very rarely.
    I think I would smoke more often if I had good highs.

    Smoking now basically starts off with me feeling the good part of being high, then I move quickly over to this part of me where I feel like there are two parts of me that are almost talking back and forth, then I get this major sense of paranoia almost like there is some impending doom that I can't avoid. I am almost afraid for my life.

    My friends are always telling me to "just go with it", and I try, but that sense that something bad is going to go down lingers around.

    I think I just need to build up some tolerance so that I don't get quite so afraid, but smoking is almost always un-pleasurable for me now and building up a tolerance is almost painful.

    any good tips for avoiding paranoia, and achieving a "happy high"?
    would building up a tolerance help?

    I would really like to have my good highs back.

    thank you in advance.

  2. Several factors can influence your buzz such as location, mood, setting, and such.

    Don't smoke anywhere you think you might get busted, don't carry weed and stuff on you if you go out for munchies, keep some visene eye drops handy and a can of Axe or something to spray around if you're tokin' up.

    It's all about how you feel before getting high if you ask me.
  3. yeah man, dont trip. play a video game, or watch a movie ( not a shitty one) or come on here and post things haha
  4. thanks, will try.
  5. Yeah toph! I have had some of the same effects of paranoia, especially if I smoke in my room with the door closed and locked, adn im about 20 ft away from my parents bed room. I found out this nice lil utencil to minimize mj smoke smell. You take an empty roll of toilet paper, the brown cardboard part. Tape Dryer sheets a nice good smelling one over one end with mabe just one layer of the sheet, and around the edges. Make sure one end is completely open, and then when you smoke, blow our your smoke through the tube and it goes out the dryersheeted side and the sheet traps the mj smell so the smoke doesnt smell bad. Also to make this 110% useful, put a fan to a window so you blow near that to suck it all outside.

    Thats my two cents worth, just chill out, and like MCpalm said its all about the location, mood, setting, and such.
  6. Being surrounded by sober people usually sets off my paranoia when I'm high. Especially when they're trying to figure out why I'm so quiet and look so pale.
  7. I used to get paranoid cuz im always waiting for some shit to go down when im not high. But now it someone wants to bring some drama to me including cops let em try. Just be confident and you wont be paranoid, the only thing thats gonna happen to you if a cop bothers you is he gonna search you and if he doesnt find anything your good. if he does it aint the end of the world unless your a polition or some shit.
  8. thanks for the advice you guys.
    think I might go smoke early tomorrow morning to start my day off.

    Hopefully I can cope with/ avoid the paranoia now. :D
  9. Plan it out. If you're going to burn then do it when you'll have time and a place to toke up, enjoy, then come down. My advice is to take a trip into some woods where with some friends for a couple hours. It will be fun, I guarantee.
  10. k. so for all those people who are giving me advice about my parents, I don't really need it being that I live on my own, but still this should help someone else if they come along and do have parents. so thank you to all who posted.

    but, I suppose I should give you an update. Yesterday, or the day before I decided to go get a 25 and get over my fear of paranoia. I smoked in my basement at like 4:30 am ish (i get up early for work but that was my day off). So, I am sitting there watching Scotch Mist by Radiohead (my god those men are geniuses), and my work calls. They tell me that they don't have any other openers because the other person called in sick. I tell them that I am not feeling too good and that I already have previous made arrangements. My boss then tells me that she would give me a bonus on my next check, and that if I don't come in then the store can't open. I went to work high as hell.

    At least due to the time in the morning, I could blame my lethargy on being tired.

    After I opened, and more people came in I was sent out to go to the warehouse in the back of the store and grab what we needed for stock. I go out there and grab what we need, but decide that I just need to sit down for a sec.

    I fell asleep for an hour on a box full of clothes in a warehouse.

    I came down by the time that the store manager came in (thank god).

    but the good news is. I thought it was all funny as hell without laughing, and I wasn't that paranoid.

    I think the woman at the gas station where I stopped to get gas was the only person that knew all day (besides my friends that I matched with later).

    all in all, your advice has helped. thanks.
  11. i was the same way for a longggg time man, its all in your head though.. just tell yourself that, its all in your head youll be fine :D
  12. like they say - it's all in your head. the only time i get paranoid is when i'm driving and i'm afraid i didn't stop at a red light or somethingand it's wierd 'cause i used to love traveling while catching one . just relax and enjoy yourself - good time to clean house - you go thru all kinds of things while your music plays. or go shopping -:hello:

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