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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PhazeTwo, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Now i'm going to start off by saying I don't think cannabis has brought out paranoia in me, i've always been a bit like that.

    I began smoking everyday a few months back, the last month or so i've kept it to just weekends, and from next week i'l be stopping completely for a good while.

    I've become really paranoid, not wanting to go anywhere new or different to what i'm used to, I think everyone is staring at me etc.

    Normally it's OK as once i've been in that surrounding for a while i'm fine, it's just the initial thoughts/worry.

    Will this die down after a few months of non-smoking or is it likely to stay with me?
  2. First post :D
    Yeah i have found that feeling dissapates after a few days of cutting back on my smoke.
    I was a virtual recluse for months.
    Had a similar problem, doctor diagnosed me as depressed.
    Valium+Pot seemed to fix my problems.
    Not recommending it, but if your feeling a bit depressed may be an option.
    (Trip to the doctor, not the valium)
    Gives you the zest for life back.
    Cut back on your toking and see how that works though ^^

  3. Welcome to the forums. :)

    Like I said, i've cut down on my toking from everyday to an eigth lasting me the weekend, going to try and give it up fully now.

    I have been to the Doctors also after having lots of headaches/feeling tired etc and he's diagnosed me as being mildly depressed. I mentioned the paranoia too but all he did was print a leaflet off on "what is depression".

    I just want to feel happy again.
  4. Eighth on the weekend is still a lot imo. Try taking a short tolerance break then when the break is over stick to smoking small amounts, like a half a bowl a day or such. It's great keeping a low tolerance, you save more bud and you get higher.
  5. out of curiosity, why are you going to quit? most gc members are pretty into their weed ;)

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