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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by treeisformee, May 22, 2013.

  1. hey guys, so lately i have been getting high alone because i find myself starting to overthink everything (getting really paranoid about everything). i can barely talk because i have no clue what to say because my mind is racing and i am very anxious. this has scared me into only smoking alone because i feel with other people around i am very awkward high. also, sometimes i start shaking uncontrollably for a short period of time because i am tensing up every muscle in my body as it seems. when i am sober, i have no trouble at all socializing with my friends (sometimes i get a little anxious but rarely).  when i first started smoking all i did was smoke with my friends and its gotten to the point to where it scares me half to death. i have looked all over the internet at overcoming paranoia and social anxiety but what i find is little help because its only when im high.
    this is me resorting to asking fellow stoners and smokers for advice on how to stay away from these thoughts while high and how to fight it off if i do start to panic. i have tried a few relaxation techniques but i do not think i get get paranoia from stress because i am a very laid back person.
    please give some good advice because i want to get back to where i am comfortable smoking with my amigos. smoking alone is getting kind of lonely  :(

  2. well are your friends high as well?
  3. drink lots of water. clear your mind, just relax, and dont smoke as much.
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    @[member="AleR"] yeah my friends are high, i just find myself overthinking conversations
  5. wow, that's harsh that you're still paranoid even though they are. Well what I can say is practice experienced smokers have learned how to control themselves and their paranoia but smoking alone will not help just get out there and practice the more you practice the better you get at relaxing when having conversations. Also it could be that you're just one of those people who are like me, and get energetic everytime you get high try to wear some out of that energy if you feel energetic. Or try a different strain.
  6. @[member="AleR"] all this time i have been trying to figure out how to keep my cool. i never realized that i just need to get myself out there like you said haha. thanks a lot dude, i think this really will help me  :yay:
  7. wow op got the problem solved fast . :D
  8. really, id suggest not to smoke for a week
  9. Everybody trips out when they're new to smokin; you'll eventually learn to control it. Everytime you start freakin just tell yourself its only the weed; which it is. staying grounded in reality is important
  10. @[member="gotexans"] hahah i just got some good advice. but its one of those things thats going to take some time to solve. i plan on just putting myself out there keep my cool with my friends.
    but to be honest really some more advice never hurt. i will use all i can get  :)

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