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would you have cut it all down too?

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  1. hey guys, lemme tell you the story of a pissed off man...

    He had 4 plants in his closet, and his dealer knew because he gave the guys the seeds. 4 weeks into flowering, he gets a phone call 5 mins after a delivery from his dealer saying
    \" 2 undercover cops that were watching your house pulled me over and asked me a bunch of questions. and gave me a fine for improper registration.\"

    needless to say the grower panicked, killed all of them and sacrificed the remains to the God of good luck so he could grow again someday.

    After talking to a policewoman friend of his, he realized that what his dealer said was a complete lie.

    First of all, if they were watching his house, they wouldnt have given themselves away like that, second, the evidence is nowhere to get a warrant, all hydro is paid and isnt over a 500 watt maximum at any time for growing, therefore, geting a search warrant would be next to impossible, even with a witness, you need corobarating evidence.

    So the grower is now very deppresed, sad and cropless. Until he heard the news this morning.

    as soon as a drug test that can check marijuana in the past 10 hours is invented, canada has said it would legalise less than 30 grams w/out a fine, and a traffic offense scale to bigger possesions, but home growing would require a 50$ license per plant, still worth it if you ask me!

    Hooray, if canada legalizes it, the americans will be sooooooo
    pissed, but might force them to deregulate it!

    So hooray for us canadians, walkers of the frozen tundra :)!
  2. hell i would move to canada no scratch that move close to the border and come to canada every day to get stoned. i mean nothing against canada i just got US pride. but that sucks what your dealer did. if he has no one backing him i would kick his ass.
  3. Dealer sells weed.

    Grower buys weed from dealer.

    Grower grows own weed.

    Grower has own weed, doesn\'t need Dealer.

    Dealer loses customer, and money.

    Dealer freaks out Grower.

    Grower kills weed.

    Grower continues to buy from Dealer.

    Dealer happy to still have customer.

    This has been an example of Loose lips sink ships. NEVER< EVER, EVER tell anyone that you grow. Safety and Security first.

  4. amen...
  5. I hardly even tell anyone I have weed, unless they\'re gonna smoke it with me.

    The last time I shared weed with a friend of a friend, I ended up getting expelled cos they ratted on me.

    So that kid is gonna fuckin die one day.... when I\'m not a pacifist....

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