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    I came here to post a post. I'm blazed as fuck right now so bare with me, but I need to explain my issue. Alright #1: My eyes are really fucked up right now, I feel like they're an ocean, and my eyelids are the curtain hanging over it. I'm a very paranoid person when I'm high, and it feels as if it makes it almost un-enjoyable. The stuff I'm paranoid over isn't even shit to be concerned about too; it's quite a strange issue. Example 1: Let's say I'm high, and I start feeling euphoria and great vibes, I get paranoid about that shit.
    Example 2: What my eyes feel like (they feel like they have butter over them, not including my eyelids) the feeling of my eyes feeling weird makes me paranoid.
    Example 3: My leg and body get these really weird twitches, it's like my muscles are twitching in a very specific spot (see my other thread for details)
    What i'm saying is hard to explain, but if anyone understands, what I'm trying to get at is: Is there anyway to not be paranoid when high?
  2. there is a way. just understand that the feelings of paranoia are not your own. pot does that to the human brain. cannabanoids mimick norepinephrine which causes your brain to enter a state of hyperfocus, or "tripping out" in other words. this causes a chain reaction and releases adreniline which is responsible for the paranoia. its just juices in your skull. thinking of it like that, its much more pleasent.

  3. Wow man that's fucking crazy. I had no idea about that shit, I love learning stuff high. Thanks man :wave:
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    last year at college me and a buddy would go down to this pond and sit on a bench at night and smoke..

    i would get really high and it would sometimes become not even enjoyable because the only thing i would focus on is being worried about getting caught..

    weed is psychoactive, it enhances activity in your brain and focus when you are high and that can make things unpleasant if you cant handle it.

    it was always really dark and i would freak out in my mind just over noises that i thought were cops coming to get us or something, just little things.. its annoying and i dont think everyone is like this..

    my friend would just be blazed and seemed like he didnt care at all, just that laid back stoner attitude.

    its tricky but i would just try to convince myself that everything is fine, no one is out to get me, and im just high thats all..

    i know how you feel though.

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