Paranoia Stories?

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  1. Paranoia is something we've all at one point faced, while under the sweet ecstasy of Mary Jane.

    What are some of your notable paranoia moments?

    Mine would be..

    After a bong sesh, I was laying in my bed (I'm home alone mind you), and I heard my window from the living room slide (so I thought). I grabbed my long board and a knife and was ready to straight up Zulu anyone who walked in front of me.

    Good times.:smoke:
  2. Baking before work and freaking out over the thought of freaking out in front of customers.

    Reading out loud or speaking in a class while baked.

    These tear me apart
  3. I'm not gonna do, what everyone thinks I'm gonna do!

    Where you workin' at?

  4. Who's comin with me?
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    One of my first times smoking kief i was convinced that some eye drops i was given was actually lsd and i thought i was about to trip balls
  6. That would have been the greatest thing to live out. I could just imagine the sheer terror you felt as you prepared for an lsd trip.
  7. Damn, why'd you have to edit your post and delete that story?

    Anyways, I can relate. Well my friend can. We smoke up at our friends house (4 of us) and right when we finish ripping like 3 bowls we head inside and watch some tv. Well right then and there this sketchy ass kid from school came inside this kids house and has always claimed to be a white suppremacist. This kid was honestly scary as fuck, cause he was never joking around.

    My friend, who is hardcore indian, is sitting there on the couch when this sketchy ass kid starts chugging a bottle of vodka with his Russian kid that came in at the same time. He starts to pick a fight with my indian friend, and he just sits there and takes it laughing and shit thinking he is joking.

    Well it turns out he went to the kitchen and grabs a huge butcher knife and says he is going to scalp him like the other indians he did. he put the blade up to his forehead and everyone went silent. this kid had to of shit his pants, cause i would. so he back off and just leaves with the russian dude speeding off.

  8. Lol i was trippin out trying to prepare myself for what was about to happen. They let it go on for a few minutes before they told me there wasnt any lsd in it
  9. Damn thats just fucked up. I guess you read the story i had up there before
  10. Yeah dude, so don't feel embarrassed for having a freakout like that. I wonder if the person that does a hardcore job of fucking with someone like that realizes that an event like that could push someone off the edge ex. suicide, school shooting ect.

    Some people don't get it that people can be really sensitive to stuff like that, and effect their mind state.

    jussayin it could happen. scaring someone when baked can be a funny prank or whatever if it is for fun and games and no hard feelings, but some people it can leave them tramatized.

    Idunno i'm baked :smoke:
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    Yea dude hope your friend is alright from that shit. Something like that could really mess with a persons head. But I wasnt that freaked about what happend. I had a good idea he was fucking around but I didnt want to stay around and find out lol. Besides i dont like chillin with kids who would even pull shit like that. When i get high I just like to chill out
  12. Jesus.. that's why you don't hang out with assholes/crazies.

    White supremacy? That was so 1990's, this is a new world people .. come on now.
  13. I live around a bunch of hicks haha. it's sad, they hang their rebel flags with pride :rolleyes:

  14. Ignorance will stand the test of time sadly.

    I'd personally go out and snatch em all up, fuck that noise.
  15. when i just started smoking i used to sleep in a caravan out in the backyard, it was pretty awesome. But anyways i was smoking alot and it hit me reallllllllly hard. I ended up thinking the caravan was sinking into a hole, spent about half an hour hanging onto my couch. :/
  16. Just made me think of the part in the Jungle Book where the guys were falling down and sinking into the quicksand.
  17. Thinking "im too high this shit has to be laced" so i start twitching and shit because in my mind i think i just smoked some laced weed. lol.

  18. Funny how it all works when you think about it. Your thoughts turn your body against you.
  19. When you smoke so much that every song in the world has a part where someone yells your name. No good.

  20. If i saw some kid i didn't know grab a butcher knife and saying shit like that i wouldn't still be on the couch when he got back over there.

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