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  1. I have a microgrow with one plant, 1 week ago in veg cycle, someone came in the house and told me that it smelled like skunk when we got in the house, so the same day I installed a DIY Carbon filter attached to my 160CFM Booster-fan. now today I decided to go out with my friends and when I got in the house I noticed there was a minimal smell, that if a finicky person comes in could notice it, im not sure if im paranoid or not. (Shes now in week 1 of flowering)When I go into my room the smell gets a little stronger but after a few seconds Its like I dont smell it anymore, im not sure if its because im adapted or im just paranoid...
    Is there any way to find out ?

  2. Have someone you trust tell you if there is any scent from the grow. You're not going to be the best judge of how bad it sinks because you're getting used to it.
  3. If your carbon filter is Hooked up correctly this shouldn't be an issueSent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. A lot depends on how good your carbon filter and fan are.  Typically, a DIY carbon filter isn't the greatest thing and an axial fan often doesn't create enough back pressure to pull air through an adequate carbon filter.  It can reduce the odor as you seem to notice but reduced odor is still odor.  It may reduce the odor enough that an ONA bucket could handle the rest though.  Probably best to place an ONA bucket outside the grow in the first room you want odor eliminated.  If you have a micro grow in a closet and put the ONA bucket in the closet, any odor that leaks out of the closet will not get neutralized.
    Going the DIY route without the proper gear either doesn't work or it is such a hastle to make work that it often turns someone's first grow into their last.  Otherwise it becomes a waste of money and work if you later decide to buy the gear to do it right.
  5. my plants stink but I dont notice it at all, my girl tells me how bad it is... if it was illegal for me to grow i might be worried about it
  6. if the odor is not too bad, I think one of those air fresheners you plug into the wall might mask it well enough.

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