Paranoia is the worst

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  1. Though it's funny when it's someone else :)
    What I would like to know is the worst paranoia you guys have ever had. I have many a story about it, but I'd like to hear some :)
  2. i was tripping balls at this allman brothers show and i got wayy too fucked up and started talking to some pretty weird people.

    i realized i told them a pretty good bit about myself, like the town i live in, what kind of car i drive, stuff like that..i was like wait...why are they so interested in personal details?

    i got so fuckin paranoid that these guys were going to somehow use this information to get to my house and like kill my mother or something.

    worst paranoia ever!! i literally went up to the guy and was like you wouldn't murder anyone, would you?

    i was freaking out soo badly i totally missed whipping post and statesboro blues lol.
    its all good though, the encore was dazed and confused!:eek:

  3. lmao. The worst paranoia for me was when I used to smoke in a park where I live, and I had to walk to my friends house through the woods and I didn't want to walk behind her or in front because I've seen horror movies and only the person in the middle is safe. So we did a Red Dwarf (Awesome tv show) and took turns being in front and back. I swear to God, I saw a kid with a red hat following us. It was scary as shit though, he was moving like Samara from The Ring. Needless to say, I shat my fucking pants and cried. That's right, I cried.
  4. When i get paranoia usually its just mild. I look like a complete idiot though when im paranoid. I kind of day dream/trip and I inspect my surroundings like ive been thrown into an action movie and im watching for bad guys. I make a fool of my self sometimes because of it.
  5. good call on the Red Dwarf defense!
    my paranoia usually just revolves around the thought of my limbs falling apart, or sometimes that i'll bite my teeth together too hard and they all shatter cartoon style :eek:

  6. I fucking love Red Dwarf, it's sooo funny. And I have a thing for the Cat and Lister, always wanted a threesome with them and I don't know why. Rimmer would be singing the Rimmer Song in another room somewhere and Kryten would clean up afterwards.

    Anyway, back to the point. I have a thing about my teeth as well. When I'm chewing something, which is almost all the time when I'm high, I'm so fucking scared of biting a hole in my face or breaking my teeth that it can take me 10 minutes to eat a cookie. Sometimes when I sleep my bottom jaw goes in front of my top jaw and my bottom teeth are pulling back my top teeth. It's scary as hell cause I can feel it in my sleep and think my teeth are coming out but I can't wake up.
  7. Lol... my paranoia just makes me think someone's in the house... And then I go check and there's no one there so I'm all chill again

    Rarely when I'm outside I imagine that something explodes far from me, but this giant piece of what ever falls on me and crushes me Final Destination style... Then I look straight up in the air and laugh about how I'm stupid :p
  8. my worst was after a t-break. i went to my plants and smoked a bowl out of my friends bubbler. as we were heading out i head "theyre smoking over there, go get them!"
    and immediately i thought, HOLY SHIT, COPS! I imagined the cops surrounding us and taking us to jail. The thought of ripping up the plants even crossed our minds...
    i also thought i heard dogs so we peaced the fuck out, and ended up walking on a road for a few miles, with our backpacks still at the plot, had to drive back and get them. i left my camera in my bag so i thought that they would use it to catch me. man was i paranoid.
  9. hell yeah Red Dwarf! comes on late at night sometimes on PBS in the U.S. I love that show. especially the theme music.

    my paranoid moments always involve shrooms or lsd. one time I thought police helicopters were buzzing my house. one passed by with a search light on my street. It totally looked wicked but ruined my whole night. after it left I kept hearing helicopters in my head.
  10. i love samara from the ring i plan on naming my daughter after her when i have one lol. and Alma from the game F.E.A.R. (only the little girl version) no not a pedophile jus tlike creepy things :)
    sounds like shonen bat from the japanese anima "Paranoia Agent" he comes when your
    paranoid and hits you with a bat ;) i reccomend you check this series out only 13 episodes but its geat heres a pic of him.. [​IMG]

    my worst paranoia would have to be... (this may sound weird) but almost every night my mind goes off into its own thing and i hallcinate... and each time durring that i see people that want to kill me. making me paranoid as hell. dont believe me? well then sucks for you i'll traid you brains if you wanna see lol. but over time i realised it aint goin nowhere so i got a bit use to it.
  11. HOLY SHIT thats like exactly what happens to me. I don't really get paranoid too often, but if Im high alone in public thats exactly how I feel. Like once I went to walmart and waited in like for like 30 minutes and after like 5 min of waiting I started getting paranoid. And I started tripping a little like how you just said. And I kno that I probably look fucked up but even when I tried to control it. It was still awkward..
  12. I generally only get paranoid in public and usually its the classic "Oh shit they know I'm high" but on occassions it gets intense I feel like someone above said I'm in an action movie and the bad guys are out to get me. I once got blazed at my boys house felt fine. Left there I ride a crotch rocket so you can see where the whole action movie cliche comes into play.

    Anyway went to the local strip mall chilled on a bench smoked a few ciggs and a guy gave me this look, So I nearly break into a full out run over to my rocket. Him and 2 of his buddies (looking at it sober I think they just got done with some business meeting at a resturant at the mall, they were in suits) they headed to their car and pulled out right after I did.

    I unleashed my bike halling ass down a very major road in our city. Well they were in a black Dodge Charger. Anyway I get down the road where the freeway comes in and I think "Ok I'm fine now" but I looked behind me and saw a black car. So I hop on the freeway going around 100-110 MPH took me about 4 miles to realize how stupid this thing was but for the 20 mins or so this took place the adrenaline was pumping.

    Funny shit. Lucky no cops and no ticket.

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