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Paranoia i think??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by somerando77, Mar 6, 2023.

  1. Yesterday i was smoking and i started feeling unsafe in my environment although i was around a good person it did not feel that way, i thought i was actually going to go through some deep shit i was scared and my heart was racing, it was as if i was having a panic attack.I tried going to my room to sleep but i couldnt, when i tried walking it was like i had boulders on my body and i couldn't walk straight tor fast.I'm pretty sure it was a panic attack but because i was high my body wouldn't let me break down and start crying. This has never happened before and it freaked me out. Is this normal??
  2. No, this is not normal. You're right, it sounds like a panic attack. Perhaps it was a reaction to whatever you were smoking. I would be freaked out, too. Was it a new product, or had you smoked it without a problem before?
    I have so suggestions or advice, sorry. I hope you're feeling OK now and wish you the best of luck.
  3. I have smoked it before, i never get anything new because i didn't want something like that happening but it happened anyways. I've only felt nauseous all day and can't get the taste of the weed out of my mouth no matter what i do
  4. I have had two people get weird while we smoked some live batter.
    I heard Tums help ,
    One person was panic attack, He was flipping out. First thought was he was over amped on go fast. To weird for me and I really didn't care his guy start off and pretty much cut ties after he couldn't keep his noodle together.
    Other guy is one of my best friends. he said he was dizzy i had him sitting on my tail gate.
    Ya he was blacking out,, also a very seasoned smoker.
    I caught him when he passed out.
    It was scary, I wasn't sure if he was ok or not.
    That is the only time he did that.
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