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Paranoia Fix?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMunchinPanda, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. No matter how it gets in my system, marijuana makes me uber paranoid. Any little sound, I think the cops are coming, or something like that. My heart races extremely fast. It really ruins my high.

    I've never been caught, I'm 21, been toking for over a year, and I live with my fiance who doesn't care if I partake.

    Any helpful tips?
  2. Live in the moment man, just breathe and enjoy the present, dont worry about stuff thats possible but unlikely
  3. If smoking weed makes you paranoid, like it does to many people, it may not be for you. Over time I develope paranoia from day in day out toking. Just realize that it is the weed, not a conspiracy, and you can deal with it, or not.
  4. Try to distract yourself. Put on a movie, some music, etc... Tell yourself you are just high, and don't get too deep into your head.
  5. Yeah silence gets me a little paranoid sometimes. For the most part man if you don't have a reason to worry and you still are, then take a break.
  6. Exactly.

    I have paranoia on and off... not panic attacks or anything, but just paranoia. When it's off, it's because I'm just chilling enjoying the moment. Don't even think about things in your life that you can't deal with at the moment (whether it's serious or not).

    It may sound stupid, but one of the things I get paranoid about is my vehicle. I don't worry that someone's going to damage it, I just worry that I'm going to break it by driving it or that there's something catastrophically wrong with it that's expensive to fix. And yeah, there are things I need to fix on it, but I must remind myself it's nothing serious and that there's no point in thinking about it at 11:30 PM while I'm high. Worrying about the truck ain't gonna fix it, so why even bother? Just enjoy the high because there's nothing else to do in the moment :)

    edit: lol and there we go, it's happening right now. But I just reminded myself and "felt" the idea that there's no sense worrying about anything, because there's nothing I can do or would be doing right now.
  7. Good words to live by. I just feel like I've got no time to get shit done because I work a lot. I think it would just be better if I could get on a regular work schedule, feel like that would help because I could always be sure to have xxxxxday and xxxxday to get shit done. Even though I can just check my work schedule with a few clicks at any given moment...

    aaanyway, that was a ramble. And now I forget where I was going with everything. Damn.

  8. I used to be paranoid as fuck. Would even imagine flashing police lights and shit.

    Now, I still get a little edgy but I just close my window, close my door, put on my headphones, and lose myself in music, movies, games, whatever.
  9. for me, it depends when and where im smoking, and who im toking with.
  10. Almost forget to say I deleted that last post b/c I didnt wanna come off as some know it all philosopher or somethin lol
  11. This is why I love GC. You guys are awesome. You describe the same stuff I'm thinking and explain what you do, exactly what I wanted. I often do sit in silence and my mind runs about everything I can't change. I will take a little break but I think using you guys' advice I'll be fine.

    "I'm just really fucking high."
  12. I'll get paranoid if I go from sober to super high in too short amount of time.

    I'll take a hit from the vape every 15min or so untill I find my perfect level. Easing myself into the high seems to work perfectly for me. I should also add that I hardly ever get paranoid from vaping, but smoking almost always get me anxious.

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