Paranoia and sex

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  1. I got stoned and I started thinking about girls (I'm a guy) and it went from that to thoughts of how giant corporations screw us over. I'm not being mean to women it's just that, ugh I can't control my thoughts
  2. Weed is known is an Amplifier of senses. If you are naturally a paranoid thinker or watch a lot of negative stuff and feed your subconscious mind with many of these things it will only enhance your state of being even more.

    Try Micro-dosing or Meditation daily once your thoughts starts becoming less and less negative and you feel more good/aware and thoughtless then when you smoke you will have a more positive experience. Healthy Diet and Lifestyle also plays a big role.

    Whether you believe in it or not what you put into your body causes chemical reactions and result in mental and emotional exchanges. If you eat an Organic apple your body is going to react in a much more harmonious way of energy exchange then eating fast food. Mood-swings and Disorders and so on.

    So if you watch junk and eat junk and live junk, All your going to experience in your life is Junk. HTH
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  3. It's a thing about sex and death... nothing else sells so well. Why not sell your soul for the promise of completing one goal? :devilish:
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    Kind of like how most large fashion or clothing corporations, film and music studios, magazine and advertising companies, etc., etc., deceptively lie, and sell wholesale to the masses the superficial idea that perfecting one's appearance, so that they can have spurious sex with as many random persons of the opposite sex ("hot girls") as possible, is the sure key to attaining happiness in perpetuity.

    So yea, don't be fooled, Rasta, there is some interconnectedness to your thoughts, even if it's not immediately realized as such; for one should be paranoid, although imo that's too strong of a word, about how large blood sucking capitalisitic entities screw over most people by negatively influencing personality complexes, psychological insecurities or processes, both within and those around them.

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