Paranoia and Jealousy

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam G, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Any-one suffer from this?

    I don't often but I am today/tonight and probably until Monday night.

    She, hopefully to become the official title of girlfriend soon is going to my ex's managers wedding tonight. There is every-one from work there (apart from me) - I wish I was going (I could of but didn't bother for various reasons). She is staying the night in the hotel and any-one who works in a office knows what office folk get up to. At weddings there is love in the air and people get horny and although I would trust her with my life, because nothing is exclusive and I always luck out people I really fall for, I am paranoid that something will happen which has made me jealous of somthing that hasn't even happened yet. People take camera's and most of all talk so it would be hard to hide something from me, but y'know.

    I hate this feeling; it's also like I want some-one under the thumb when we are not even going out which would make me a hypocrite anyway because that is a million miles away from what I want or would do.

    I dunno why I am doing this thread because it is not cool to talk about feelings but it's all I can think of and this is the site I am hanging out at here at work :D

    I am hoping she'll text me or something...

    ah, ignore me, I just thinking out loud...
  2. trust me, i would NEVER hook up with someone from my office, it's just too, gross, and hard to deal with the following monday morning.

    and i doubt your girl will either, especially if she is supposed to become your girlfriend any day now. if she's truly interested in you, why would she go after someone else? it doesn't make sense. in fact i bet she's wondering why YOU'RE not going!

    don't sit there and worry your weekend away, i'm sure all is well :p
  3. heh, I was just coming to delete this thread if no-one replied.

    She text me, it's all good. I do trust her but it's just paranoia getting the better of me.

    I just like her soooo much that anything good in my life I end up just making it something the WILL go wrong soon in my head and find excuses towards that. I'm a sucker for punishment :D

    I am not going because I am also a sucker to say I will work. I would have to get a room in the hotel and drive down there, I have no holiday time left and no money so if I did go I would have to skip work and turn up to the place where all my managers are at. It would make no sence. :)

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