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Paranoia and better highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sn0wcap420, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. alright so a lot of times i get paranoid and also have lots of negative thoughts when high. Like its not always the whole time, but more than once this has happened. Like ill either be paranoid, well not so much paranoid as just worrying. Then/also sometimes i get really shitty highs, like I think about lots of bad shit, like getting caught, or how shitty people are. Or like that im a shitty person, or that im addicted and just shit like that. However I read a thread on here about paranoia and i copied and pasted a good point

    "I heard Joe Rogan talking about pot the other day and he brought up an interesting point.

    Basically he says that weed doesn't actually make you paranoid, but just more senstive and aware of shit in our lives. It takes down our barriers and filters, and when we see the world for what it really is, we freak out. And we label it 'paranoia'.

    Just thought that was an interesting thought. \t\t"

    So with that said, is there any way to have a carefree, positive vibes high? Also do you think paranoia is paranoia? Or its what my quote said?:confused:
  2. Sorry for the double post but also someone said it could be the sativas are doing it, like if you already have anxiety. I have OCD (somewhat mild) and mostly social anxiety. Im on vyvanse, Luvox, and risperidone, if it matters. Thanks for any input guys.
  3. Hey buddy

    I also used to have some negative thoughts when I was high in the past. It could underline something deep rooted, maybe some unresolved issues or something? Getting high only intensifies the feelings that you already have, and so if you are feeling depressed and down, it wont always lift you from this state and can often heighten it, as you have described above.

    There is also a difference of paranoia and just being careful. Alot of my buddies think i am paranoid because I like to get shit cleaned up as opposed to leave bowls, bongs and slides all around lol, thats just being smart tbh.

    But the best piece of advice I can give to you is try to think happy thoughts prior to smoking weed, I mean, put yourself in a better place, mentally and physically, never get high when you are worried about the consequences or anything else, also try to resolve any unresolved shit you may have.

    Hope this helps and good luck man.
  4. haha thanks bro. idk my mom actually is in favor of getting me a prescription to ativan at least somewhat, as her mom takes it and told her about it. i would love to have a benzo, i think that would help my highs :D but until then i need a soltution, thanks for the help so far tho
  5. No problem dude, good luck with it. I gotta advise not to take pills in an attempt to cover up these feelings though dude. It seems maybe your body is trying to tell you something and taking benzos or something would probably not be the best idea. :p
  6. I get 'paranoid', but I quite enjoy it. I consider it an experience, all part and parcel.

    Sometimes I will go to the chip shop or something just for the hell of it when high. It's nice to mix things up and be like
    'the manager can see my pupils. He's a manager, he knows whats going on'
  7. For sure. But hey what do you think about that quote? I think the whole overthinking type shit and the quote kinda make sense together.
  8. Having actually read your post now, what I would say is

    If it breaks down the barriers, and gives you these insights, then when you're not high, try to utilise that knowledge + improve your life.

    EDIT: In my opinion, what he's talking about isn't paranoia. I consider thinking your weed is laced and you're going to die, or constantly thinking the police are going to knock your door is paranoia.

    I think what he, and you are talking about is something else
  9. true dat, next time im blazing its just about guaranteed gonna be some dank, so maybe i wont have to deal with shit at all. but if I do and can gain some knowledge ill definately see whatsup. I mean psychdelics provide life insight like that sometimes, and cannabis is a mild psychdelic
  10. I know exactly what your going through man, having trouble with the exact same thing. I also have ocd and social anxiety disorder, when I smoke I just think so deeply about all the stuff that normally bugs me from SAD. So weed's inspired me to get a few things in check so I can really just let go and relax.
  11. whatttt a fellow stoner with my kinda mental health?? shitttttt
  12. I also suffer from a mild form of OCD but this don't affect me when I get high. I think as the other guys said above it's nice to have a different experience somtimes, Also, sometimes when i smoke alone i get the "deep thoughts, intense sorta thinking" high going on, where i just chill the fuck back on my bed with some music and reflect and contemplate alot of shit. However, when i get high with friends I don't think about shit nearly as much and just mess about :p

    Maybe this could be the result of you feeling this way? You ever blaze up with some people and notice this?
  13. last time i remember i got the thoughts, however i smoked alot haha
  14. I used to have that too the first couple of times. About the 6th or 7th time, it was such a chill high though, I wasn't paranoid or worried about anything at all. It happens to a lot of noob smokers, just keep smoking!
  15. Also, it greatly depends on what your mindset is before you get high. Are you worried about your parents finding out or about cops? That's what got me paranoid at first.
  16. I have this kind of paranoia all the time sometimes it sucks sometimes its actually kinda funny and i like it lol:smoking:
  17. mindset, environment, company and bud are all that really matter.

    - consciously make an effort to think positively always and just relax man, you should try and do that always not just when you smoke, forcing yourself to enjoy life will lower your stress in general but especially when you smoke. dont feel guilty or "addicted", if it's not affecting your goals in life (ie you're doing fine in school/work/w.e.) then who cares that you smoke??
    - dont smoke if you cant be at least 99% certain you'll have a problem-free time and wont be caught. so dont sneak a bowl when your parents are around. trust me it's better to be sober than sketchy high
    - dont smoke with people you dont like or cant relax around
    - dont smoke too potent bud, or dont smoke as much. you can always smoke more but you'll spend fucking hours wishing you'd smoked less if you have a bad 'trip'

    believe me man, your mind is a powerful thing. i went from hating getting high because i'd freak out and think i was having a heart attack and was gonna get busted for sure to smoking often and really unwinding and relaxing just by one day deciding i was going to force myself to relax when i smoked. ever since that day ive never been paranoid (except this morning when i got pulled over for a vehicle inspection by cops with an ounce of bud in my glove box, but even jesus would get paranoid under those circumstances and i was sober at the time anyway).

    just remember man, whatever mood/environment/company you're in will be basically magnified when you smoke, so if you're pissed off or down you'll have a shitty high, if you're happy and relaxed you'll enjoy it a shittonne more.

    good luck mate, i know exactly what you're going through. i never thought i'd get over my occasional fits of paranoia but it's been 6 months since i legitimately freaked out and hid in my neighbour's garden for an hour in nothing but my boxer shorts at 3am
  18. Dude uh idk I smoked a j of indica while reading this and I'm not paranoid at all so I guess that's something to post homeslice keep it on the dl sir

    Low down down low no doubt hahaha

  19. yeah vyvanse literally makes me want to get a steak knife and slit my throat in the middle of fucking class.

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