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paranoi convinced me to do this.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capuchino Man, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. ok so this happened recently. so my dad was home and i was bored out of my mind so i decide to go smoke a bowl in the bathroom. so taking hits in there with the fan on and then i think, oh shit!! i just remembered the air heater is on!". what i thought was that the smoky air from the bathroom fan was the same air used to heat up the house so i thought the smoke was being spit out from the heater. so i sit there thinking of ideas to cover it up for like 10 min. i get my first lightbulb which was to force myself to take a shit. im sitting there with zero needs of farting or dropping atomic bombs whatsoever. i did manage to get a little miniscule poof of fart out. so my second lightbulb was to spray febreeze in to the fan so that it comes out of the heater. lol so im standing there with the fan right above me spraying febreeze into it and my eyes fully open and those little bastards got in my eyes so i let out a short but semi-loud "Ah shit son!". and yeah turns out i was ok nothing happened.

    what has paranoi convinced you to do?
  2. Do you mean paranoia?

    I grew up in a place where I could sneak around and smoke outside.
  3. Smoke more cuz im being to paranoid.
  4. paranoia is what i meant to type
  5. Thought that paranoid ya...
    Just wait until ya start hearing voices! :eek:
  6. i lold :hello:
  7. i did almost the same thing, i was smoking downstairs using a sploof, but i took a huge hit and had to cough and smoke got out, i freak even though i was in the cellar, which is 4 floors below my parents bedroom, and i spray some axe, but then the cellar and the basement smell like axe, i freak out a bit more, then i tell myself to relax and stfu and chill. so i did and all is good in the land of make believe.

  8. That was funny to read. Although the extractor fan in my bathroom sucks air outside so it's ideal. Saying that, I have a attic conversion so I just open a window :smoke:
  9. I went to my friends house for the weekend because his parents were gone and went to the LSU football game (we live in houston) so its like midnigh ish and his parents were supposed to be coming home the next day, so were smokig outside at this bayou trail thing and you can see his house from it, and i saw the neighbors lexus rs300 milf car roll up (same as his moms) and i freaked th fuck out and was like holy shit holy shit all of us are here nobodys home omg omg omg and sprinte to the house only to realize it was the nighbors.
  10. I've never really had a near-miss of being caught. My parents were out for the night so I was blazing in my room all night. Around 11pm I heard my bedroom door slowly open. I thought to myself "Fuck, there's no way I can hide it now".

    Turns out I left the kitchen door open and my dog had wandered upstairs.
  11. yeah that happened to me sort of too. i had all my gear out laying on my desk, my lighter, pipe, grinder, papers, eyedrops, breathspray, febreeze. i had this thing on lockdown. so i was loading a bowl when i hear my door open and i almost shat my pants but luckily it was just the wind.
  12. One time me and my friend decided to smoke under his back deck because his parents were home and we didnt feel like going far. Turns out that under his deck is the main ventilation system for his house that lets air run through it. His whole house smelled like somebody smoked a j in each room. His parents eventually came out and caught us but at the time we had no idea.
  13. Paranoia made me realize to stop giving a fuck.
  14. [ame=]Black Sabbath Paranoid - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Dude I get so paranoid when I smoke it sucks because when I smoke at home I end up just staying in my room on grasscity freaking out about how my fingertips smell or something and the only time I get to really really enjoy my high is when I'm in the shower and know I can' tbe smelled or anything cuz i'm naked and clean
  16. I would smoke In the bathroom and exhale in the garage. One time my dad was halfway down the stairs when I opened the door to the garage and I was coughing my lungs out when he came out to the garage. So I told him to open the garage cuz I was near the door and I ran outside to grab a football me and my friends were playing with earlier. I then stayed outside barefoot hanging with my buds for like 20 mins cuz I was 100% my dad saw the smoke out of my mouth
  17. no one knows true paranoia till you are 3 grams deep in coke for the 3rd day in a row. but weed has made me do a lot of shit like cant really think of any of it right now though lol.

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